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  • DeREZD #054 – Neptune Flux and Lethal VR News

    We have some new game news for you all this week. We talk about the impending releases of Neptune Flux and Lethal VR, two games that we are incredibly excited for! We chat about the new games that came out this week, the PS4 Pro and even give you a short review of EVE: Gunjack. Enjoy the show!

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  • Lethal VR Coming Soon for the PSVR


    Old school arcade shooting-gallery game Lethal VR has been confirmed for the PlayStation VR and will hit before the end of 2016. This game immediately reminds me of old arcade games like Police 911 and Police Trainer. I used to pump these machines full of quarters back in the day, and I can’t wait to experience this again on the PlayStation VR!

    In addition to the standard handguns and UZIs, you’ll also be able to unlock some sweet weapons like Crocodile Dundee’s knife and Odd Job’s razor brimmed bowler hat while shooting your way through a collection of moving target, house clearing and shooting range type levels… all in full 360 degree VR!

    Light gun games have so far been some of my favourites on the PlayStation VR. It’s looking like Lethal VR will be another good one. Expect more coverage of this game here, and on the DeREZD podcast!

  • EVE: Gunjack, Reviewed


    EVE: Gunjack is an action-packed wave based arcade shooter for the PlayStation VR. If the name sounds familiar to you, that’s because it should. For the PlayStation VR launch we received two full games based in the EVE Online universe. EVE: Gunjack is by far the more approachable and less expensive of the two, available for less than $10 on the PlayStation Store.

    This title is a port of a game that has come out for pretty much every VR headset so far. With it’s simple one button controls this game was even made available on the GEAR VR. If you are familiar with the common three star mobile game formula, you’ll know what to expect out of EVE: Gunjack. Play through the levels winning stars, use the stars to play new levels, rinse and repeat. I was sad to see that there was no ship upgrade system included in the game. Something like that would have added some strategy on how to take on the later levels.


    You play as Eight, a gunner in charge of defending his mining platform, and are tasked with fending off wave after wave of enemy ships that are trying to make off with your precious cargo. You control the turrets by looking at the oncoming ships to target them. The head tracking in EVE: Gunjack is flawless. I was worried that there would be some jitter or lag, which would have been a disaster in a game that is controlled mainly through looking at enemies as they come in, but things were buttery smooth. Other than eventual tiredness from swinging your head all over during the intense fire fights, I have zero complaints with the controls.

    Even though the game is basically just a souped up mobile title, the game looks great. The simple cockpit view works well and it’s cool to look out the sides of your pod to see your guns move. The enemies look great and blow up beautifully. So far it seems like keeping the graphics toned down and simple has been working the best on the PlayStation VR. I don’t seem to get taken out of the experience as much as when things are blurry and rife with pop-in.

    EVE: Gunjack is a fun title filled with score chasing replayability, if you can get over the fact that the standard mobile game formula isn’t aging particularly well. For less than $10 EVE: Gunjack is a great addition to your PlayStation VR game collection if you need a quick palette cleanser between other experiences.


    • The head-based aiming is spot on.
    • Loads of replayability


    • No real progression system
    • Can we get a patch to shut off the narrator?


    I played a digital copy of EVE: Gunjack that was purchased. If you have questions about our review scale please see our About page.

  • VR Releases for the Week of November 7th, 2016


    We have a couple heavy hitters coming out to the PlayStation VR platform this week. As a nice treat both of these titles from AAA studios are releasing both digitally and in retail! I prefer digital so I can quickly pop in and out of various experiences, but I know a lot of you out there like physical. Nice to see publishers giving us the choice.

    Eagle Flight
    PS VR — Digital and Retail

    Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight has you taking on the role of an eagle living in Paris 50 years after all humans have disappeared. No, really! What the story lacks in reality is made up for in pure adrenaline. This game was hyped at this past E3 on the floor and during the pressers. From what I’ve been reading from people who played it then as well as well as now, is that this game will be a pulse pounding flying adventure. Play capture the flag or death matches against the AI or other players online. Fly inches from the ground, or up to the clouds. Sounds like a rush, if you are curious checkout the trailer below!

    Robinson: The Journey
    PS VR — Digital, Retail

    What do you get when you cross space travel, exploration, dinosaurs, and Crytek? If you didn’t answer awesomeness, well there may be no helping you. The studio that brought you Far Cry and Crysis is here with their first full VR title. With this being more of an adventure game than some of their other releases, Crytek is bringing us the amazing graphics that they are known for to the PlayStation VR. I’m hearing that this game is a little on the short side, so keep that in mind before snapping this one up. We are also seeing some pricing weirdness… some sites have the game at a full $60, while some have been able to pick it up for $40 + their Prime or BestBuy GCU discount. Look for those deals people!

    Are you picking up any VR titles this week? Let us know in the comments below!

  • DeREZD #053 – IEYTD, Tethered and Windlands Talk

    PSVR mania just won’t stop! In this episode your hosts talk about Pixel Gear, Tethered and Windlands and run through the exciting news that I Expect You To Die is heading to the PlayStation VR! All this and more in episode 53 of the DeREZD podcast! Shout outs to the PSVR subreddit, you folks are all awesome!

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  • VR Releases for Nov 1, 2016

    Hey all, welcome to the first PSVR Store update. With so many games coming ever week I thought I would spend some time running things down to hopefully help you make better buying decisions. This will evolve over time, let us know what you think!

    For the week of November 1, 2016 it looks like we are getting only 1 VR title.

    O! My Genesis VR
    PS VR – Digital only. Out on 11/4/2016

    O! My Genesis

    O! My Genesis looks to be an interesting take on the God Game genre. Released in demo form in other regions already, even included on some demo discs, this title has had little press state-side from what I’ve been able to find. It reminds me of some early iOS god games like God finger, but in VR form. You take on the role of a god and are able to directly effect the world with your PS Move. New powers unlock as you progress through the game allowing you to make life better, or waaaay more difficult for your subjects.

    For a better look, here is a gameplay video from the demo:

    Quick update: It looks like a VR Level pack for the game Hyper Void was stealth released today as well! This is a free download for owners of the original $10 game. Download it from the PSN store!

    Are you picking up any VR titles this week? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Pixel Gear PSVR, Reviewed

    Pixel Gear

    We were bound to get a gaggle of on-rails or stationary light gun shooters early on in the PSVR’s life. I mean it’s a perfect medium to finally bring these games to life in ways that old school light-guns and Wiimotes never could. Pixel Gear was the first of these types of games that I picked up to test.

    Pixel Gear is an incredibly simple take on the wave shooter. You play through the game’s three stages with a single PS Move controller. The tracking of this controller to the in game gun is the best I’ve seen so far on the PSVR. I guess that since the game is only tasked with tracking one controller combined with simple head movements that the power needed to track all of this was minimal. I hope that other developers use this game as the standard for one to one controller tracking. It’s quite impressive.

  • DeREZD #052 – Job Simulator Review and Tips Too!

    We have a great show for you all this week! We chat about all of the new games hitting this week, Carnival Games VR , Tethered, Weeping Doll, Windlands VR — then chat about some great industry news. Following all that Will and I give you our first game review, Job Simulator.

    We had some tech issues in the recording of this episode, so please excuse the camera weirdness and stoppages. Hope that this won’t be happening again 🙂

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  • Job Simulator PSVR, Reviewed


    The PlayStation VR release date has finally arrived, and by far the game I was most looking forward to experiencing for myself was Owlchemy Lab’s Job Simulator. Set in a future time where people visit Job Museums to see how us plebeians got by in doing our mundane jobs, Job Simulator brings us the fun of being an auto mechanic, short order cook and more. You might think that this is a crazy idea for a game, and you are correct. It’s the best kind of crazy.

    Being an early fan-favourite title for the HTC Vive and its room-scale Job Simulator, I wondered how the PSVR version would fare. While the PSVR system gives you some limited freedom of motion, it’s nowhere near as flexible as the Vive would be. To compensate for this (you can only move a few feet in each direction compared to the Vive’s 5″x7″ for recommended area) Owlchemy has modified the stages that were created for the Vive, shrinking and crunching them down. Where you would have an extra shelf of goodies on the Vive, you instead have a toggle to open up a new storage area. This works surprisingly well and everything you’ll need in each level is just a quick lean away. Things do tend to feel a bit claustrophobic at times, but I was able to acclimate myself to the stage sizes quickly. (more…)