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  • PSP Podcast #15

    PSP Podcast #15 is here.. better late then never, although late is never good. I chat about the firmware 2.0 launch, wipeout pure and a mini review of Coded arms!

  • Podcast #15 will be a little late

    Just wanted to let my loyal listeners know that Podcast #15 will be a little bit late. I ran into some recording problems, read: Garageband crashed and took most of the unsaved work with it. […]

  • Coded Arms Review

    You take on the role of a computer hacker, who is breaking into an abandoned virtual reality system. This abandoned system was originally designed by the government to train its soldiers, but a serious bug […]

  • Crash Bandicoot PSP Premiere

    Check the video and pictures that pspmagazines.com has posted for all you Bandicoot fans. Crash Bandicoot makes his way to the PSP in “Crash Tag Team Racing”. Now I just can’t wait to see those […]

  • Firmware 2.0 released

    Sony has today released it’s Firmware 2.0 for Japanese PSPs! So there you go, no waiting for a north american release. This update is available from network update in your PSP’s setting menu, but remember: […]

  • AgenaWorld released

    I was sent this note via email: The homebrew games on PSP are getting better and better by the day. The first multiplayer homebrew game has been released. Its called AgenaWorld (at version 1.1). It […]

  • Ceramic White PSP coming soon to Japan

    Besides the great announcement of the firmware 2.0 release, Sony has *finally* announced that they will be bringing out a Ceramic White PSP over in Japan. These announcements were made at the “Playstation Meeting 2005” […]

  • Do you dig us?

    It looks like a story was posted over at Digg.com about our PSP podcast. I would love for a story on PGR to make it to the main page over there. If you have the […]

  • Firmware 2.0 soon!

    It’s been announced and confirmed, Sony will be releasing firmware version 2.0 in Japan on July 27th. This will be a huge release for Sony and may have a big impact on the homebrew scene […]

  • PSP Podcast #14

    PSP Podcast #14 is here, on time and with no screwups! :) First.. lets get the Odeo.com claiming done and out of the way... My Odeo Channel (Code: e99c78a94b615859) My Odeo Channel (Code: 27f73e9fa382e4b5) It's a news week. I chat a bit about Wipeout Pure's Gamma pack 3 and some great homebrew games that have been released lattely. Cara is also back with an episode of the scene.