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UFighterX.com has come up with a rather unique way to make your DPad easier to use. It is a fairly in-depth and involved process, but apparently works pretty well.


Please note that this WILL void your warranty as it requires you to take the PSP apart. If anyone does try this, I would be interested in their results.


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  1. Hi i was playing my psp and it just started to turn off. It freezes and then turns off after like 30 second. i cant even use it for five minutes. It started like a month ago. and sometimes when it turns off and i turn it on the light turns on but the screen stays dark. plz someone help.. my email is fcortes100@yahoo.com thank.

  2. me two myn got to 28% and i waited 4 hours i got tired so i turned it off and now it wont come back on i need help right now

  3. Hi, My Psp is not working ether I turn it on but the green light comes on but the screen stay dark. What do I do to fix it?.

  4. when i was playing on my psp i wanted to play on rocky balboa but i had to download a new thing but im only a well i dont know what type it is but i turned it off because i had to go to sckool but when i got back the green power light will go on but the screen wont please help me!

  5. My Psp Direction Pad go up & Down my it self
    Please tell how to undo this issue

    Thank you

  6. i put a game in my psp went to turn it on and just the green power light turns on without the screen working also with no sound anyone with any ideas? i think it may be the same problem as tonys

  7. Hey

    I’ve basically bricked my PSP

    The battery fell out during an up-date

    And now it’s dead apart from the green LED

    Is it fixable?

    Info in basic terms please

    Possibly Helpful Info:

    Battery = Sony 3.6V 1800 mAh

    Model = PSP 1003

    Serial Number = FB1663437

    Date Code = 5D

    Mem Stick = Sony PSP Magicgate Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB (Update on it)





  8. if your green light goes on and you get a blank screen…its a brick
    but now theres a solution
    all you need is your PSP’s battery and a memstick over 256MB
    its called pandoras battery and can fix all bricked PSP’s
    including the slim
    for more info email me on the address i provided above

  9. 2 Friends PSP’s

    1 UK Pink PSP and its not powering on, power light flashes once and nothing happens.
    1 JAP Black PSP with broken screen. (Unknown other issues)

    As they want the working PSP to be Pink, I completely dismantled both PSP’s and rebuilt them.

    Things found:
    Power Issue is directly related to the main board.

    What I now have is

    1 Pink PSP with a mixture of bits, all powers up and screen is fine, but the right directional button does not work – I have tried both circuit boards for the directional buttons.
    1 Black PSP with bad main board and broken screen.

    Any help at getting the directional buttons working or the faulty main board working would be appreciated.



  10. i was updating ma psp and it just went off aand i turned it bk on and the screen waz black and the greeen button was on and then it just turns the green button off im lyk whf

  11. my psp green light is on but nothing shows up. is it the battery?pleas help i just got the psp slim and its already screwd up

  12. hi im john my psp is custom firmware 3.52 m33-4 and everytime i play a game it automically freezes and turns off this also sometimes happens at the main menu screen is my psp bricked or sumfin? please help!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. my psp turns on the power light goes on but it stays black

  14. when i get in a car in the game it will not go

  15. the R button of my psp does not work.WHAT CAN I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO???please help me

  16. i was playing a game on my psp and all of a sudden it froze so i turnt it off and took at the battery, then tried switching it back on but it wouldnt. The green light was on but the scrren stayed blank. Can you please help me.

  17. I have 3.90 m33-3 psp fat.I have installed cft themes.They were working fine but just a little while i put a theme to apply.The psp restarts,But it was black screen with green light on.Tell me what to do?

  18. when i was playing in my psp the game is called gta:VCS then when i got to washington beach it stopped working and shuts down

  19. I bought the slim psp for my son for his birthday 3 months ago.I will turn on but the screen is all black but will can still here the game but can’t see anything.How can i fix this for him.

  20. Thanks a million for pgrevolution for posting it up and. thanks to UfigtherX for clear instructions.

    You guys did a great job.

  21. -downgrade your psp and install custom firmware-

    You either have someone make a Pandora magic memory stick & have a Pandora Battery (self made service battery)*note* they also have to have a hacked (custom firmware like Dark Alex’s m33) psp to make these* & the 1.50 eboot, to downgrade your psp to 1.50 ofw (Original FirmWare).

    I didn’t have any *friends* that had either of those. So this is what i done to unbrick/downgrade my psp. First off I bought a Datel Battery Tool (an already made Pandora battery basically) online. Google it, buy it. Then there is a program called Total Newbie Installer. You don’t need a Hacked psp to create the magic memory stick using this program. the site to download this programis here http://dl.qj.net/TOTALNewbi-easyInstaller-PSP-Tools-Utilities-(on-PC)/pg/12/fid/14749/catid/193
    Its a pretty large file…like i think it was almost 187mb’s. But it is a GUI program, emulates a hacked psp.

    That program will make a pandora magic memory stick for you, just follow the instructions given when the program runs. That program already has the 1.50 eboot, and also has the Dark Alex’s 3.71m33 custom firmware included.

    So all you’ll have to do is run the Total Newbie Installer (to make your memory stick a Pandora magic memory stick), after that is finished, take your battery out and place the Pandora or the Datel Battery Tool in, and follow the instructions ON THE PSP SCREEN. Another thing, when you buy the Datel Battery Tool, it isn’t charged to 100% out of the box, and it doesnt come with instructions. All you do with the Datel Battery tool is charge is and place it in the bricked psp along with the memory stick (you created with total newbie installer to unbrick/downgrade your psp) Also make sure the Pandora Battery or the Datel Battery is at least charged above 90%, most say at least 75%. But 90% is safe. All you do is place it in your already turned on psp, and charge it. when the indicator light turns green, it’s fully charged.

    OPTIONS If you have a *BRICKED PSP*

    Option A- find a friend with a pandora magic memory stick & a Pandora Battery.

    Option B- Buy a Datel Battery Tool online or have someone make you a pandora battery (its cheaper to find someone that knows how to make a Pandora battery , but if you can’t find one you only option is buying an already made Battery tool), and have a friend with a computer & a WORKING! psp to make your memory stick a pandora magic memory stick using the program i explained above.

    if option A and option B is too much for you……

    Option C- take it to a technician and have them fix it for you for a price. Just be prepared to pay a lot of $$$ for this service.

    This is where i learned how to fix my psp, and replace items. Here’s a Tutorial on taking apart your psp, from replacing the faceplate to the UMD/Laser assembly. Just reverse the Instructions to put the psp back together correctly.

    http://www.llamma.com/PSP/PSP Repair Information.htm

    -Person with the *sound is working but i can’t see anything*-

    with the screen not showing any visuals, but the sound is playing, when you took apart your psp, and removing the lcd screen, there is two harnesses, a large one, that is clipped the to motherboard, and a smaller one. The smaller harness isn’t plugged in correctly. It’ll pop out. Go to the tutorial site where i posted, and follow the instructions on how to remove the LCD, don’t worry about removing it completely, all you’re going to do is see how the harnesses are attached, as a visual reference. So you’ll know what i’m talking about.

    Thats basically your problem, it’s not plugged in all the way.

    Oh and remember, everyone is a newbie at one point in their lives, so don’t feel like you’re stupid. Nobody is an expert from the beginning.

  22. for some reason the thread didnt copy the links right…



    The PSP Repair Tutorial…


    I had to use tinyURL to make the links smaller, so that they could be used.

  23. hi….. mmmm does any one knows how i can fix my slim psp d pad…. i had an old psp n da same thing happened but it included da analog stick…. my slim psp is almost new …. i havE 8 months with it …. everything works perfectly except for da freaky d pad …. if i press any button of da d pad it starts going up and down real fast. … i feel frustrated …. my psp right know i feel is worth less cuz i cant do anything…. pleazze i need tips or help…

  24. my cuzin droped my psp and then it cracked. while i was playin my psp the crack stated growin.

  25. can you please help me

  26. christopher shepherd

    my psp will not turn on i hadded a problem updating my psp to 2.81 and then it told me that there was an error when it was updating and I trid to turn it back on but it dint turn on only the green light on the power please help me thanks.

  27. my mum left the door open when driving and my PSP fell out now the green light comes on but the screen doesn’t come on and there is no sound or picture what do i do do i try to fix it?

  28. my psp keeps on pausing then turns off maybe because i dropped it one night and if you want play it you can’t play it for some days the more days the longer it last sometimes and sometimes not please fix my PSP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. when i turn my game on it only presses to the right

  30. when i click on web browser to type a web site it auto clicks back out befor i can type .how can i fix

  31. my psp keeps on going up, when i press down it just goes back up, i can’t get to my games anymore because whenever i try to press down to get to my memory stick it just goes back up in like a millisecond

    but left and right still work

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