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  • Brothers in Arms D-Day anounced

    Ubisoft released a press release today announcing a PSP-exclusive Brothers in Arms game being developed in conjunction with Gearbox Software. Brothers in Arms D-Day puts players in the boots Sergeants Baker and Hartsock of the […]

  • Star Fox getting good reviews

    As we know, today Star Fox Command was released, and so far has been getting decent reviews. Both IGN and 1up have posted reviews. Here is an interesting part of 1up’s review… The last truly […]

  • New exploit – doesn’t require GTA

    Homebrewers can finally play homebrew on their 2.00+ PSPs—without GTA. After the discovery of the TIFF vulnerability by NOPx86, a team of homebrew developers including psp250, Skylark, Joek2100, CSwindle, JimP and Fanjita banned together to […]

  • NCAA recall

    After discovering a rather jarring bug in NCAA 07 for PSP, everyone thought EA might release a patch or something. Instead EA, is recalling faulty UMDs and replacing them with new ones. If you own […]