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  • 5 new PSP colors announced.

    5 new PSP colors were shown off at TGS this week, although they were not shown as shipping units just demos. Sony revealed the PSP sporting bright yellow, metallic red, metallic blue, and 2 camouflage […]

  • DS:Life Episode #005 Released

    As always, the DS:Life podcast will be in it’s own feed, and downloadable from DSLifePodcast.com. Please visit that site to download/subscribe for automatic download. Welcome to the fifth episode of your DS:Life. This episode brings […]

  • PaRappa PSP title confirmed

    That’s right, everyone’s favorite rapping dog is coming to the PSP! Unfortunately, it will be a mere port of the PlayStation original. The only new features will be wireless multiplayer and updated graphics to fit […]

  • Killzone: Liberation hands-on preview

    Killzone: Liberation is a game that many people around this site have been waiting to come out for quite some time. The PS2 title Killzone was a good game, and fans have been waiting for […]

  • iPod, the new portable gaming system?

    With Apple’s “Showtime” media presentation yesterday, a new contender in the portable gaming playing field emerged. Apple has announced, and is currently offering, game downloads through the iTunes Music Store for $4.99 US. These games […]