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  • PS3 Trophy Support Explained

    On the official PlayStation Blog Jeff Rubenstein has posted a video explaining what exactly the PS3 Trophies are. This has been a long rumoured feature that was said to duplicate  the XBOX360 achievements, but watch […]

  • PS3 Firmware 2.40 Arriving Wednesday

    Sony has announced that the much-anticipated PS3 firmware update 2.40 will be coming on Wednesday July 2nd. This news comes after rumours that the update wouldn’t hit until around E3, but the earlier the better. […]

  • Preview: SoulCalibur (XBLA)

    After six minutes and three seconds, we’ve completed SoulCalibur yet again. The pencil-drawn endings, capped off with entering a trio of letters to initial our victory, are nostalgic enough, but the six glorious minutes of […]

  • Diablo III Confirmed

    Blizzard, after much speculation, finally confirmed Diablo III at their Worldwide Invitational event in Paris today. The last week or so saw an evolving splash page at Blizzard.com, as it changed from a solid surface […]

  • New Prince of Persia on Nintendo DS

    Coming in tandem with the “next-gen” version of the re-invigoration of Prince of Persia this holiday season, Ubisoft revealed a Nintendo DS incarnation of the upcoming platformer titled The Fallen King. The handheld title, however, […]

  • Awesome, Free Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Update

    Rainbow Six Vegas‘ first 2007 map pack left a pretty sour taste in gamers mouths, as the ten dollar offering wasn’t particularly priced as well as they could be, especially when the content consisted of […]

  • Ticket to Ride, Reviewed [XBLA]

    Trains in themselves are inherently boring, but add cards and a slow pace of progression to the mix, and we’ve got ourselves one yawn-eriffic sounding game you’d get stuck playing with the family on a […]