• New Direction For Latest 360 Pad

    Microsoft have unveiled the new design for the 360 pad which should solve the D-pad problem.

    Despite taking them around five years, the new feature allows users to twist the D-pad to turn it from a disc shape to a plus shape. The pad might be chunky still, but at least now you can actually select the right spell on Oblivion without accidentally downing all your potions. 

    Sitting with a sleek, dystopian style, the new grey shaded buttons and chrome finish are perfect for fans of Orwell or film noir or those lacking oppression in their lives.

    The new pad comes bundled with a charge kit and should be available worldwide by the beginning of 2011, though North America can get a hold of it from as early as November 9 for $64.99.

  • Nintendo Cutting Prices on DSi and DSi XL

    If you were planning on going out to pick up a DSi or DSi XL for back to school, WAIT!  Nintendo announced that they will be cutting the price of the DSi to $129 (currently $149) and the DSi XL to $169 (currently $189).  This is likely being done to anticipate the release of the 3DS.  Most of us will probably just keep waiting for the the 3DS though.  Of course the other side to this is you may want to go ahead and sell that system you have just been thinking about getting rid of for the past month before prices are reduced!

  • Red Dead Redemption ‘Liars & Cheats’ Dated, More Details of the Undead DLC

    Rockstar Games have revealed more about the up-and-coming ‘Liars & Cheats’ and ‘Undead Nightmare’ packs for Red Dead Redemption today.

    The Liars & Cheats pack is set for a September 21 release date and is to incorporate new free roam and competitive multiplayer elements. First off, there is multiplayer gambling in the form of poker and liars’ dice games, which is a most requested feature by fans and should be fairly addictive.

    Along with that is multiplayer horse racing which allows mounted combat against the opposition and to help there is a new gun, the Explosive Rifle, a useful tool for destruction in single and multiplayer.

    For multiplayer free roam there are seven new gang hideouts to storm and four new hunting grounds that are said to have ‘some of the most action-packed wildlife hunting yet.’

    On top of that there is a stronghold competitive multiplayer mode where teams take it in turns to attack and defend. All of this is complimented with leaderboards to help compare stats and 15 additional multiplayer characters from the main story to use online.

    So for all you drunks and gamblers this will cost you £7.99 on PS3 or 800 MSP for Xbox 360.

    That, however, is not all. More information has risen (mind the pun) about the Undead Nightmare pack which is to appear sometime in Autumn. This piece of DLC will be single player orientated with a new story campaign. In it, John Marston is on a quest for the cure to an infectious zombie plague that is spread across the frontier.

    Additionally, new weapons, zombified animals, mythical creatures, secret locations and some new multiplayer modes are to be expected as part of the pack. The price so far has been marked as the usual £7.99/800 MSP pack price. Zombies always make for a good gameplay mechanic.

  • Steam for Mac beta stats full of half-empty/half-full facts

    Game developer Valve today released an updated set of usage statistics, including those for its Steam for Mac digital distribution platform. There’s diamonds and lead depending on your point of view.

    Bad news first, of course. Mac usage of the gaming service has dropped off since the big debut a few months ago. Originally around 8 percent, Mac usage has fallen down to about 5 percent of the total Steam audience.

    Good news! Five percent of Steam’s 25 million users is still a significant audience. Add this to EA and Blizzard’s growing support for native Mac games – those developed in-house simultaneously with the PC version, rather than transcribed by a third party like Aspyr.

    Apple seems to be taking notice, too. The recent Snow Leopard Graphics Update was tuned to clear up issues that Valve reported, so that’s definitely good.

    More detail analysis after the break. Read more ›

  • Dragon Age DLC Ends With a Witch Hunt

    The downloadable content for Dragon Age has been constant, addressing various loose ends and now Bioware are wrapping it all up with one of the biggest loose ends of the first game: what happened to Morrigan?

    Entitled ‘Witch Hunt’, the DLC will be available on September 7 for 560 MSP, 560 BioWare points or $6.99 on PSN .

    At the end of Dragon Age: Origins, Morrigan helped fight the Archdemon but then left afterwards with only the words “never follow me”. Now you finally get to find out what happened.

    A year has passed since her disappearance and there have been sightings of her in the wilds to the South close to where you first met. Whether you’re looking for her as a scorned lover or seeking revenge, this promises to be an epic conclusion to the Origins story.

    On top of that, achievement fans will presumably get more achievements, as well as new equipment for your characters. Let’s just hope Morrigan doesn’t take after Flemeth.

  • Worms Reloaded + Team Fortress 2 = Thrice the Fun


    It’s promotion time again for Team Fortress so that means only one thing – more hats and shinies for your pretties.

    Anyone who buys a copy of Worms Reloaded before September 2 will get the limited edition Holy Hand Grenades to wear with pride on the soldier’s chest as well as the worms hat seen above. Sadly you can’t throw them, but then they’d be better used on killer rabbits.

    New gear isn’t the only buzz at Valve central. It’s time for another community contest, the Hat Describing Contest, for all those people who felt left out in the designing contests.

    The premise is simple. Write a short, fictional piece about your favourite hat, with the winner getting their description getting used in TF2. Time to get writing.

  • Charity Selling Snake For a Solid Price

    GamesAid are auctioning a full-sized Solid Snake statue this Friday, finally answering the question of what is missing from your life.

    The UK based charity for children and young people will begin the auction on Friday 27 August on their eBay store, which can be found here.

    The statue, as seen on the right, is modelled on Snake from Metal Gear Snake 4 and will have a reserve price of £1,250, with all proceeds going to GamesAid and its supported charities.

    Andy Payne, Chairman of GamesAid, said: “This is a unique and rare opportunity for fans to own a money can’t buy piece of gaming history. The sale of this imposing mannequin will undoubtedly excite the game’s huge fan-base.”

  • Mass Effect 2 Shadow Broker DLC on the Way

    Bioware has announced the next piece of DLC for Mass Effect 2, called ‘Lair of the Shadow Broker’, will arrive on September 7 for 800 MSP for Xbox 360 and 800 BioWare points for PC.

    The add-on will give players the chance to recruit Liara T’Soni as a party member on her hunt for the Shadow Broker and the man he has kidnapped. This hunt will take her from the heights of Illium to the Broker’s lair.

    Included with this pack is five new achievements, the Shadow Broker intel centre, new research and the chance to continue your relationship with Liara.

    More screens of this DLC can be found here.

  • Gamescom 2010: Will push Force Unleashed 2 demo forth soon

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 will have a demo released prior to launch very similar to what’s currently available to gamers at Gamescom, a Lucasarts representative said. The demo will supposedly be available prior to the games release, rather than released day-and-date with the game, as is the current demo trend.

    According to attendees, the demo begins with returning/cloned/duplicated protagonist Starkiller attempting to escape his prison on Kamino, steal a Tie Fighter and get off-planet. Controls are similar to the first game (which we didn’t really have any complaints about) and the imagery and feel is consistent with the first. Bringing back the one who sacrificed his life to start the Rebellion cheapens the first game significantly… but if it means more Starkiller, bring it on.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 will be released October 26.

  • The Next Batch of Left 4 Dead DLC

    Valve have announced The Sacrifice as the new DLC for Left 4 Dead, which will be compatible with both the first and second game.

    The DLC, which was teased about earlier this year, follows the events leading up to The Passing from the eyes of the original characters, ultimately leading up to a choice on who will sacrifice themselves to save the others.

    It is currently expected for a October release but knowing Valve Time it could be any time between now and the next ice age.  

    Along with this will be an updated version of No Mercy for Left 4 Dead 2, something which should be well received considering how popular it was in versus mode.

    That’s not all. A 150-page digital comic will begin next month describing the back stories to the original survivors, including events up to The Sacrifice. 

    The new campaign will be available for both L4D and L4D2 players, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t own a copy of both games. PC and Mac users get it for free on Steam, the Xbox Live crowd will have to pay.