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Nukoda is a news blog detailing the latest news in gaming, movies and all other things geek. We’ve been around for 10 years, although we spent the last few laying in wait… plotting.

We’ve relaunched in October 2016 as a PlayStation VR focused new site. We’ll still cover other topics, but PSVR is the new hotness that has our hearts aflutter! We’ll be talking about some of the latest news items, reviewing games and linking to all of the video that we are posting on our sister sites. If you like PSVR, you’ll love it here.

Besides Nukoda we also run the video game podcast network VGPodcasts.com as well as it’s video focused big brother REZD.tv! We’ve been writing and podcasting about our love of video games and other geekery since 2004, so thanks for stopping by!

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Our Review Scale

Here at Nukoda we’ve adopted a one to five star review scale with no half stars. While we are of the belief that games are either worth owning or not, we felt that having a scale would help some people make a buying decision. You can read what we mean by each score below.

One Star:
Nobody in their right mind would enjoy this incomplete, broken, and otherwise fun-free game. It’s not worth playing, no matter what price, under any circumstances. Avoid it like you’d avoid a cancerous injection.

Two Stars:
A hum-drum or been-there-done-that experience hampered by too many major issues to count. Hardcore fans of the series/genre might be willing to overlook the issues, but everyone else should consider a rental over a purchase.

Three Stars:
A decent game with a few notable flaws that only slightly detract from the core enjoyment of this recommendable title. It won’t knock anyone’s socks off, but it’s a good enough game that a lot of folks will be fine with dropping the full retail price on it. Worth checking out, if only for a weekend.

Four Stars:
A really awesome gaming experience all around. Any flaws are easily swept under the carpet in lieu of everything else that makes this game so entertaining. It’s hard to be disappointed by this game.

Five Stars:
This game will rock your f@#&ing world. It’s a brilliant addition to the genre and will be the standard by which most other titles are measured. A truly outstanding must-own that anyone with a remote interest should immediately get on board with. Once they are, they’ll be on for a long time.