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  • New Title in PlayStation Store

    I guess one of the games that I reported as having been available to download wasn’t released yet. In case you haven’t been able to satisfy your crave for racing with either Rally Cross or […]

  • PSP Shipments Down, Game Sales Up

    It’s kind of a good news/bad news kind of thing for Sony. First… the bad news: the sales figures for the PSP handheld system on it’s own were down 72% this holiday season (October to […]

  • PSP Ports Coming from All Consoles?

    It’s no secret that PSP-specific titles haven’t been as frequently released as most gamers would like… it seems that what a lot of publishers are tending to do is re-vamp games, usually from the PS2, […]

  • Press Release – DS Software Lineup

    Go Nintendo received a press release from Nintendo, outlining their upcoming DS games for the next three months… and what a list it is, coming in at 20 games for the first quarter! Of course, […]

  • Hot Brain for PSP Announced

    Given the amazing success of titles like Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day and Big Brain Academy for the DS, it’s no surprised that someone out there finally decided to make a […]

  • Online Graphic Novel for PSP

    NYC2123: Dayender is a six-part graphic novel that is available to read either online or through your PSP. Given that the very first issue was released well over a year ago, with the last segment […]

  • PSOne Games Available for Your PSP

    I’ve never posted about this particular subject before, so I thought I would catch everybody up on the various PSOne games that Sony has made available to download to play on your PSP. From here […]