• E3 2010: Square-Enix Confirm Final Fantasy Tactics For iPhone

    One of those E3 announcements that just about slips through the net, Square-Enix today confirmed plans to bring Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Secret of Mana to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    War of the Lions was the fantastic 2007 PSP remake of Final Fantasy Tactics, and the transition to iPhone should be seamless too. No release date has been announced yet, but the first screenshots can be found below.

  • 50 Percent of Games in 3D by 2012 Says Ubisoft

    Publisher Ubisoft in an investor’s conference conference call yesterday predicted that in just two years time, half of all games will be capable of 3D. They plan on calling it, ThreeDee™. Really.

    “We will see more and more product coming in 3D on 360 and PS3 but also on portable machines. We can count on substantial grown in the 3D market just because it’s more immersive, so it will be a good way for the industry to give even more emotion to the gamers,” said the Ubisoft representative on the conference call.

    Note that this means games will be capable of being shown in 3D, not that there will be 3D games and 2D games, Ubisoft said  it’s reasonably easy to code for, provided you work with the technology from the beginning of development.

    “I think next year we should see maybe 15-20% of games will be 3D on next-gen consoles … and the following year will be at least 50% of the games,” Ubisoft said.

    How many TV’s will be able to display that content is one question and whether or not you want 3D games or not (or 3D in your home at all) is another matter entirely.

  • Flight Control HD reviewed [iPad]

    So let’s get this out of the way first – this is being typing on an iPad* via the on-screen keyboard (and the pretty good, but not amazing, WordPress App) so this is a bit of a first for Nukoda on a number of fronts.

    Flight Control HD is the iPad update of the same game for the iPhone or iPod touch and is an excellent example of the ipads increased screen size over the other Apple gaming devices. Australian developer Firemint has really thought about how the screen works and what goes into making a simple, fun addictive game.

    It’s not a perfect iPad game though. It doesn’t take advantage of the device’s more advanced accelerometer and while it is amazingly quick (as is pretty much everything on the iPad) it doesn’t quite make anyone buy an iPad who didn’t already have an interest in one.

    It is, however, absolutely worth the $5 for anyone who’s already bought an iPad. Simple fun has never been so accessible, addictive, visually good looking or well done. That not simply a statement on this game only, but games for the iPad in general.

    Read on for more.

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  • The Sims 3 World Adventures Comes to the App Store

    Seeming to come out of nowhere the Friday just gone, EA have released the latest exapansion pack for the award winning The Sims 3 for iPhone. Mirroring the PC version of the game, World Adventures allows players to explore three new countries with their Sims, imported from the original game.

    Being able to journey to France China and Egypt, this $6.99 or £3.99 App should continue to please fans looking to extend their Sims’ lives. It’s also interesting to see EA focusing attention on making the PC and iPhone versions of the game congruent in their development, a trait that more iPhone developers should adopt.

    Check out The Sims 3 World Adventures on the App Store here.

  • Hellemental, Reviewed [iPhone]

    To be blunt, Hellemental is a time waster and nothing more. The controls aren’t intuitive, the icons are confusing and the instructions are anything but clear.

    The game looks polished, with more than acceptable 3D graphics and very fun, sparkly particle effects and a wide, well-realized diversity of creature designs.

    The sound design is actually really nice. Music is suitably fantasy-like and the sound effects are appropriate and well designed, making good use of the speaker at all times, but that’s about it.

    With all that said, developer Intersog seems to overreach on scope a little too much, way too much in fact. In a world that crosses Middle Earth with Azeroth with the Warhammer mythos, you control a wizard defending cities from elemental beasties.

    By the way, they’re called hellementals because they’re, yes this is a quote from the intro-text, “hella mental.” This is the first of many, many moments that strain your belief in the game as entertainment.

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  • Fox Vs Duck, Reviewed [iPhone]

    With it’s minimalistic Zen inspired visuals, Fox Vs Duck is the latest game from Studio FungFung, the makers of one of my favourite games from last year, MiniSquadron. Coined as a micro-game, Fox Vs Duck is just that, a simple pick up and play distraction that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

    The whole game revolves around a duck pond and the hungry wolf that surrounds it. Your ducks drop into the center of the pond and, using the accelerometer, you have to steer them to a safe spot on the edge away from the hungry fox. Simply steering them to safety is easy, but the appearance of random lily pads, rocks and ripples quickly make this task increasingly more difficult. The fox isn’t the only blood thirsty predator out to get your ducks, as a hungry fish is swimming around the pond as well. Simple, yet devious… just like all the addictive titles I come back to on the iPhone.

    There are two game modes to master. Challenge mode is a timed game where each death will remove precious seconds from the steadily decreasing timer. Power-ups will add time and speed your ducks up to make this task easier. Survival mode mixes the gameplay up by taking away the timer, and instead giving you a set number of “lives”. Kill off too many ducks and the game is over. At the end of each game you are scored based on the number of ducks you saved, as well as the number who passed on to the great duck pond in the sky. Full Open Feint support will rank you on these stats and you can aim for the top spot either for the good or evil lists. (Note as of this review I’m #1 for both the saved and killed ducks in each game mode.. I’m an equal opportunity game player!)
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  • We Rule Hits iPhones North of the Border

    Earlier today we Canadians received a great gift, and no it wasn’t the Canada vs. Slovakia Hockey game. Just like Touch Pets and Eliminate before it, ngmoco’s We Rule has come out in Canada before the rest of the world! I guess Canada is a great test bed for new games that rely heavily on a backend server. Having 10% of the population of the United States comes in handy some times … but you aren’t here for a geography lesson, so lets talk We Rule.

    Taking the time based actions and resource management gameplay from Farmville, urban management from Sim City and esthetics from Kingdom of Keflings, We Rule seems to be doing everything right to leap into the hearts of gamers. Although I’m sure that the fact that it’s FREE title won’t hurt things either. Like titles before it ngmoco is releasing We Rule as another of it’s freemium titles. You get the first hit for FREE, but have to pay for certain parts of the game. In this title you pay for bottles of “Mojo”, a sort of fast-forward potion you can use to instantly complete certain actions. Mojo isn’t required for anything in the game, but impatient gamers will be buying the stuff by the case to make their kingdom grow faster then their friends. Smart move ngmoco, very smart.

    The built quest system will help you get started, and keep you focused on growing your kingdom and it will also help you get acquainted on the main tasks of the game. Your time in We Rule will be equally divided between planting and harvesting your crops for gold, and using said gold to buy new buildings for your kingdom. These building range from little huts that attract more citizens, to shops and guildhalls. Besides buildings there is a full set of decorative items for your farmkingdom as well ala Farmville.
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  • Street Fighter IV coming to iPhone and iPod Touch in March 2010

    The legendary fighting series Street Fighter gets touchy feely with the release of Street Fighter IV for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Like its console counter-part, SF4 for iPhone is played from a  2D perspective, with additional 3D camera flourishes. Numerous new special moves have been mapped to a unique 4-button control scheme as well as the following new features:

    • Traditional “2D” Street Fighter gameplay redefined for the iPhone.
    • Play as eight Street Fighter favorites: Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Chun-Li, Guile, Dhalsim, Abel and Blanka.
    • Robust move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, EX Moves, Super Combos and Ultra Combos.
    • Seven amazing locations.
    • Fully customizable “Visual Pad” control system. Place the D-pad and buttons anywhere on the screen.
    • Execute moves through multiple key combinations and shortcuts making the game accessible to casual players, while still challenging to hardcore fans.
    • Play head-to-head with a friend via Bluetooth or master the game in single player “Tournament” mode.
    • Multiple training modes including “Free-Sparring,” Training Room” and the “Dojo” which teaches the player all the nuances of the game.

    character select for sf4 on the iphone and ipod touch

    In order to play SF4 for the iPhone you will need OS 3.0 or higher.

  • Angry Birds Update 1.2 Hatches Awesome

    The Chillingo published physics puzzle game Angry Birds was just updated to version 1.2, adding 40 new levels and integration with the Crystal social network. I had some awesome things to say about Angry Birds on the Touch of Gaming Podcast episode #42, likening it to a Boom Blocks experience on your iPhone, and am jazzed to get back into this update now that I have over 100 levels of awesome to play.

    According to iTunes the changes in this version are:

    – A new episode, featuring 42 new and challenging levels
    – Two new worlds and graphical themes for the levels
    – Crystal with leaderboards and achievements support
    – New block shapes, including triangles
    – You can now listen to your own music with the music player while playing
    – Fixes and graphical enhancements to the old levels

    So it’s no quick bugfix update, as nearly a full sequel’s worth of content has been tagged onto the original.

    If you aren’t familiar, Angry Birds brings you into a strange world where command birds are trying to get their eggs back by destroying the pigs who stole them. You launch your birds from a slingshot and physics will take over destroying the houses that the pigs have settled into. Strange idea, but it’s an amazing game that I recommend you check out.

    Checkout Angry Birds $.99 – AppStore

  • Telltale Games announces Mac ports incoming

    Telltale Games has officially announced that it is indeed bringing its titles to Macs today. The first game to hit the platform will be Tales of Monkey Island. Telltale is currently asking fans to decide which game it releases nextStrong BadSam & Max or Wallace and Gromit.

    (Anyone with any taste should vote Sam & Max)
    Telltale also announced that the Mac versions of its games will be free to anyone who already purchased the PC version. This is largely unprecedented and Mac users still keeping a PC around for gaming purposes might move on with some ease.

    The company will be at Macworld this week, showcasing Tales of Monkey Island. Speaking of which, curious Mac gamers out there can grab the demo for Tales of Monkey Island at the Telltale website.