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  • PSP Future Features?

    There’s an interesting article I found that talks about potential future features of the Sony PSP. All of the suggestions have come from users of the device looking for ways to extend its usefulness. Check […]

  • More free media for your PSP

    Looks like a few more companies will be releasing content in the PSP format in the near future. Here are a couple links of free and not so free content that will soon be available. […]

  • PSP Podcast #1

    The first PSP Podcast is now available. The PSP podcast is a weekly report on all the latest utilities, hardware, and games released for Sony’s PSP. More and more features will be added as the […]

  • Mainstream media loves the PSP

    I recieved a couple of emails last night from Lonnie, one of the staff here at PGRevolution. They contained links to some great PSP articles which I hadn’t read before. The neat thing about these […]

  • PSPWare 2.0.1 Mini Review

    The past weekend I got around to trying the newly updated PSPWare 2.0.1 to see if my past problems were gone. The previous version that I was using was having difficulties transfering images to my […]

  • New videos for your PSP

    I’ve been finding it quite cool to see more and more sites offering already PSP formatted videos for download. One of the big problems that I’ve experienced with getting the videos on my PSP has […]

  • PSPWare 2.0.1 Released

    Nullriver has just announced the release of PSPWare 2.0.1 for the macintosh. This is a free upgrade to the 1.5 version that many have been using. It’ll be interesting to see if this version runs […]

  • Korean PSP site launched

    It looks like the Korean PSP launch site has finally been released. The site is dubbed “temptation within fairy tale”, and it is as strange as the name. If you are into seeing a few […]

  • It has begun!

    Welcome to the Portable Gaming Revolution, a new site detailing the latest happenings in the PSP universe. The site is named Portable Gaming Revolution because that is how we here see the PSP. It is […]