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  • PSP Podcast #60

    Want more podcasts? All my shows have moved over to VGPodcasts.com! Current shows include the Nintendo Pulse, Touch of Gaming and XMBCast! Hey guys, another week another PSP Podcast. This is a very news heavy […]

  • PSP Podcast #59

    Happy New Year! The PSP Podcast is back and ready to kick it in the 07. In this episode we talk a lot about the big news that happened over the Holidays. That is Dark […]

  • WiiSpot Podcast #0 – The Genesis

    Welcome to the WiiSpot Podcast Teaser. Edgar and I got together to record a DS:Life Podcast a month and a bit ago, and ended up chatting about the Wii for an hour and a half! […]

  • PSP Podcast #58

    In this episode of the PSP Podcast we talk about some of the new happenings in the homebrew scene. Mainly the fact that the new PSP firmwares are being decrypted as fast as Sony is […]

  • PSP Podcast #57

    I’m back from my whirlwind tour of the world, well.. OK I was actually only in Atlanta for a week, but it was awesome!! I’m over the nasty cold that I picked up, so I […]

  • PSP Podcast #56

    Prepare to settle in and listen to another PSP podcast. This week I bring you some news on GTA: Vice City Stories, talk about the PSP camera, and even talk about a custom PSP firmware. […]

  • PSP Podcast #55

    Due to a system crash, this episode is out a bit later then intended. A nice side effect of that is that I now have two, count em two, “The Scene” segments for you this […]

  • PSP Podcast #54

    Episode #54 is here! In our long awaited return I bring you a pile of news, mostly covering TGS, talk about the games coming out this week and the ones form last, and announce a […]

  • PSP Podcast #53

    Here’s PSP Podcast #53! We have lots of news for you this week, as lots has happened. I talk about my 1.5 downgrade experience, chat a bit about some homebrew, go over the pricing info […]

  • PSP Podcast #52

    We are back and ready to heat things up yet again. PSP Podcast #52 is here bringing you all the greatest news about your PSP. In this episode I talk about some new games coming […]