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deltaYeah, I know… my article title is a little on the confusing side. Let me explain… earlier this week, Delta Airlines opened kiosks in the Atlanta Airport, offering their customers DS downloadable demos. Apparently, The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is just going to be the starting point, with plans to expand to other airport in the near future.

Delta is excited to partner with Nintendo, makers of some of the most popular video games of all time, to provide yet another innovative entertainment offering to travelers,” said Joan Vincenz, Delta’s managing director of Product Marketing. “This program reflects our ongoing commitment to provide a distinctive, enjoyable travel experience — both on the ground and in the air — especially during the busy holiday travel season.”

The download service is absolutely free, all you need is your DS and to follow the simple instructions at one of the six installed download terminals – if you’re familiar with the Atlanta airport, they can be found on concourses A, B and T. The offered demos include Brain Age, Elite Beat Agents, and Clubhouse Games.

Just a little something to keep in mind though (just in case you haven’t flown lately), is that you do need to turn off your DS during take-off… and that will erase the demo. I guess, for the time being, that this’ll just be a diversion to keep yourself occupied while waiting for your flight.


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  1. Wow! This is great news for me!

    I travel a lot, especially through the Atlanta Airport.

    Off-Topic but.. Continental and a few other airlines have inked a deal with Apple to have an iPod Charger (and i’m pretty sure some downloadable content or music samples or something!) on thier flights.

    Oh, and as you said you need to turn off your DS before takeoff..

    This is true, but you don’t really “have” to. Put it in sleep mode. The only reason they make you turn your electronics off is (Exact words from a stewerdass)

    “In case of emergency, or unexpected measures, we want your full attention for any instructions we may need to give you during takeoff and landing”

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