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blue attack

One of my simple pleasures that has remained on my device even with lots of competition for space is Blue Attack! by John Kooistra.  I loved the challenge of trying to get a better score and I just always wanted the ability to play levels longer so I could power my ship way up.  I was so excited when I heard that a story was going to be put into the game and come out on the other side by the name of Red Conquest!  However, word has now come that Apple rejected it because of a naming inconsistency. 

It was called Conquer on the device and Red Conquest! in the Store.  See the post here: http://tr.im/GzOT.  Sometimes the approval process baffles me, but this one is pretty silly to me, and now I have to wait while it goes through the queuing process again.  On the other side, at least it is coming out soon and I will be watching for it in the coming weeks!

Edit: Here is a newly released gameplay video. Looks so amazing…


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