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i-PHONO mini

Shortly after Griffin Technology’s lineup of new PSP accessories, Bluetake has announced its own add-on. Bluetake specializes in manufacturing Bluetooth enabled products. Unsurprisingly, the i-PHONO mini is a Bluetooth stereo transmitter that allows you to transmit your audio wirelessly.

The i-PHONO mini Bluetooth® Stereo Pod Transmitter (P/N: BT450Px) allows the SONY® PSP™ to transmit the CD quality stereo music wirelessly to the i-PHONO mini Bluetooth Stereo Headphone (P/N: BT450Rx) or the i-PHONO PLUS Bluetooth Stereo Headphone (P/N: BT420Rx) while you are enjoying the games, music and movies with the PSP.

The i-PHONO mini stereo pod transmitter is designed with flat and thin shape that is available for fixing along the bottom system of the PSP. Thus you only need to pair the i-PHONO mini stereo pod transmitter with the compatible Bluetooth stereo headphone, and then plug the i-PHONO mini stereo pod transmitter into the headset connector of PSP. Besides, no driver installation is required.

i-PHONO mini


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  1. does any one no when this is going 2 hit stores in ireland??? and how much would one of them go 4?? but it sounds so COOL!!! 🙂

  2. why do u need bluetooth headphones ur like inches away from the psp when ur playin it

  3. I would really liek to see Sony come out with products like this. We are getting the Eye Toy and GPS, but there are so many other options like this that they could capitalize on.

  4. Bluetooth on a PSP would be nice for movies and music in the car. If you have a bluetooth adapter (like for your phone) and it can sync with the PSP, great! This would be nice.

    As for the game playing, yes – this is not a major step anywhere since you have to be right there anyway.

    W J

    … oh, and I mirror the first commenter: what’s the $$$$?

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