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An update to one of the best homebrew applications (at least I think so) has been released. Bookr 0.7.1 doesn’t introduce any new features but does fix several bugs. Previously, Bookr had problems loading graphic heavy PDFs but this new release should alleviate some of those problems. Support for CJK fonts in PDF documents has been added as well.

Download Bookr 0.7.1 for 1.00 and 1.50
Download CJK fonts

  • Added support for PDF files with Chinese, Japanese and Korean text.
  • Added a memory usage counter.
  • Added single line scroll for the analog pad in the text viewer.
  • Bookr will now try to block images from loading in PDF files when it is running low on memory.
  • Fixed many memory leaks in the image loader for PDF files. Bookr can load and display PDF files with more images than before.
  • Fixed memory leaks releasing the PDF viewer singleton.
  • Restored full page scroll with cursor buttons.
  • Fixed font corruption for large font sizes in the text viewer.
  • Fixed page positions in the text viewer after changing the font size and/or font rotation. Bookmarks for text files are not compatible with older releases.

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  1. how do i use it? i downloaded it and i got a zip file – extracted that and got 3 more zip files.

    what do i do with them

    please email


  2. what the hell… how bout for firmware other than 1.5?!

  3. Is there any other pdf viewer out there that runs on FW 3.03OE

  4. This viewer is Awsome. Makes the PSP one of the best ebook readers in the world.

    Works in 3.03OE GREAT.

    Just put it in the MS:/PSP/GAME150 folder

  5. i can’t load pdf’s with pics all i get is white screen

  6. 0.71 not support pdf (Password Encrypt)

  7. try reading the readme.txt file. tells you where to put the files and what to do with them.


  9. Thanks a lot for this…

    awesome.. works great on 3.03 OE… just copy the two folders to PSP/GAME150 folder….
    Again thanks for it…

    pal πŸ™‚

  10. ya same thing. the fix for the pic heavy pdf. must not work. I get only white pages on most. Works on some.

  11. pspman and pal;
    I have the 3.03 system update, but I can’t get bookr to work. What am I doing wrong?
    I am using the 1.50 version of bookr- I have been looking on other sites where people say i need the 3.03 and then the 1.50 update. how does that work?

  12. same here. Confuses
    how to use it?

    Put in MS:/PSP/GAME150 folder
    its not detected in my GAME Folder.

    If i had a file named 1.pdf.
    How to choose the file?

    I`m using 3.03 OE-C

  13. hi,

    after i downloaded the bookr-0.71-src.zip file, i can’t find the __SCE__bookr and %__SCE__bookr folders. I’m using 3.03 OE-C FW

    Can somebody help me?????



  14. i noticed that after i downloaded the file. i can’t locate the _SCE_bookr and the %_SCE_bookr folder. can somebody help me.


  15. after i downloaded bookr-0.7.1-src,i can’t locate the folders _SCE_bookr and the %_SCE_bookr.

    Can somebody help me.

  16. best app ever

  17. It still works great for small pdf files, but if you’re looking at a 50meg pdf I can sometimes get the first slide and then going to the next the psp just turns itself off.

  18. Why does it seem to cut off the last line of text in TXT files? I’m not too thrilled about manually adding two blank lines at the end to compensate, nor am I confident that it’s actually a workaround.

    Still, I do love this app…

  19. what`s about a magazine with pics. i´m getting a white page

    can somebody help me

  20. does it have rotation? if it doesn’t they should add rotation so the pdfs can be take the whole screen

  21. please read the readme.txt, it’s easier than posting and waiting for a response. if you haven’t used it, use it first before you comment. it is capable of rotating the pdf but its harder to read that way, you can fit the whole page, but the fonts will be too small for someone to read them. for those who can’t find the %_SCE_bookr, i think you may have downloaded the src file. redownload the zip file again.

  22. The interface is pretty snazzy, i like it a lot
    i just hope it can read acrobat reader version 8’s.
    This is a must download.
    to the makers, I am not worthy.

  23. Wow, what a great program. Thanks a lot man. Simply perfect. Just what I needed.

  24. see app, very good and easy to use. I can only see it getting better with each update. Read the readme you guys…. if you’re not running 1.50 then put both folders in /PSP/GAME150/

  25. I encountered an error 8002014c when run Bookr. I copid _SCE_bookr and the %_SCE_bookr folder to PSP/GAME. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

  26. the game could not be start (80020148) some one help me!

  27. I encountered an error 80020148 when run Bookr. I copied _SCE_bookr and the %_SCE_bookr folder to PSP/GAME150.does it work on 3.80 m33-5 cause i am currently in that version. Can somebody help me? Thanks.

  28. nice!!! it works on my 3.71

  29. i have this runnin on firmware 3.71 m33-4 (dark alex)
    copy folders into game 150 folder on psp
    and make sure u got the 150.pbp file in there as well

  30. “the game could not be start (80020148) some one help me!”

  31. any status on an update for this program? What about a fix for the white screen on pdf’s, and cutting off the last lines of a text file?

  32. Anyone managed to get V0.7.1 works on CFW 4.01 M33-2? I think I tried almost everything, like
    -) Copy to GAME, GAME150, GAME4XX directories
    -) Copy 150.PBP, 401.PBP into the folder

    But I still get the 80020148 error message. Anyone managed to overcome this problem?

    Anyone knows whether there are alternative PDF Reader? Thanks.

  33. Does it work on 3.90 m33 ?

    I also tried eLoader but it doesn’t work!

  34. this software is realy usefull, if you’re having problem using it, use irshell instead, it have thissoftare integrated

  35. Install eloader application(for slim psp) thru that u can open this app

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