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Hacking PSP has posted a tutorial on making your own PSP headset.

I purchased SOCOM: FTB last week at EB Games…. I asked them if they got the headset in too…. nope. I searched all over this fine city of mine and NOBODY had the heaset. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I asked many questions from the people on this board to find som insight into how the PSP Headset connects. Here’s what I found….

The PSP Headset is using a four conductor 3.5mm mini jack. Basically there is one more conductor for the microphone to connect to. I was shopping today and noticed a PSOne A/V cable in the bargain bin. I pulled it out and noticed it had the same four conductor mini jack. I brought it to work and started my magic.

I cut the cable in half ( that way I can make two) and I used a meter to tone out which wires were which on the end. The bottom three are for the left and right channels on the headpones and the top one is for the microphone. I soldered one female 3.5mm mini jack to the cables corresponding to the headphones and the other cable to the top for the microphone. I was then able to connect my headset from my PC directly into these connectors.

I was able to play SOCOM: FTB for over two hours and everyone could hear me just fine!

It is does take a bit of know-how considering it requires the use of soldering, but if you want to make one yourself, give it a shot.

Source: Kotaku


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  1. That is sooooo freakin sweet! I’m to stupid to make one, but I’ll try….

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