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PSP Updates reports that 71M, the coder who brought us the homebrew Flash player, has released a new version of his versatile file browser called FileAssistant++. FileAssistant++ is his entry for the NeoFlash Spring Coding Competition. This file browser can do a lot more than browse files though, it allows you to view display pictures, playback audio and video, playback Flash files, and a whole slue of other things.


  • Display any pictures (PNG, BMP, TGA, JPG)
  • Listen to any music file (OGG, MP3, SID, SAP, SC68, YM, NSF, AHX, MOD) with
  • DSP effects and spectrum display
  • Playback any video file (AVI, MPEG, MOV)
  • Display text files (ASCII TXT)
  • Run Flash files (SWF)
  • Run PSP homebrew applications (ELF, EBOOT.PBP) and go back to FA++ while exiting
  • Run any UMD (umd:/SYSDIR/EBOOT.BIN) and go back to FA++ while exiting
  • Run any Lua scripts (LUA) and go back to FA++ while exiting
  • Classic file operations (delete, move, copy, create directory, rename,…)
  • Fully customisable, use one of the skin pack or create yourself!

Download FileAssistant++


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  1. hey hey.. i just copy the foleder File Assistant .. but when i open it in PSP.. it says.. The game could not be started.. how this work..

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