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GameTrailers.com has posted an awesome new trailer of the much anticipated Killzone Liberation. There was much hype over Killzone when it was first announced for PS2. People touted it as the “Halo killer” and other similar terms. However, it received lukewarm reviews from most of the major gaming companies. Killzone will make its second appearance on the PSP and will pick up where Killzone left off. Will Liberation be plagued with the same problems as Killzone for the PS2? Or will it be ranked as one of the best games for PSP along with Lumines and Syphon Filter? Much is still unkown about Liberation but judging from the screenshots and trailers, it just looks plain awesome in my opinion.

Go watch the Killzone Liberation Trailer


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  1. Didn’t like the new look of the game at first but now after seeing it in action I’m looking forward to getting the game I just hope that it’s as good as the video makes it look.

  2. I am too excited for this… I’m wondering abolut Controls though..

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