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Engadget has spotted two patents filed by Sony that look like a cellphone and keyboard attachment for the PSP.

In two filings dated November 10, 2004 (and made public in late February 2006 and only three days ago, respectively), a gaggle of Sony designers submitted applications for both “ornamental design[s]” for a keyboard and phone add-on for the PSP — and trust us, the patent filings couldn’t have been much less verbose. So will we ever see these things get manufactured and released? Eh, even though Sony’s launched some unexpected PSP accessories recently, we’d assume the phone attachment won’t ever take off. However, Izumi Kawanishi has made it no secret that he wants email on the PSP, and a keyboard would be quite a nicety if that’s in the cards.


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  1. We shall see if they come to fruition. It will be great if they do!

  2. How are you supposed to hold it if the keyboard is on the top of the screen. That’s plugging into the usb right?

  3. How do you mean Dave? You hold it by the sides not the top…and ya, it does go into the usb.

  4. I think djmdave means that normally, a keyboard is “below” the screen, but in this case the patent makes it look like the keyboard is above the screen which doesn’t make it feel natural.

    The location of the keyboard is weird.

  5. ^ that’s what I’m on about – it’d be pretty difficult to type on that thing without dropping the PSP. Perhaps its designed to be only used with one hand typing?

    I preferred the Logitech design – I think it doubled as a screen protector as well.

  6. the phone add on looks ridiculous… I’d rather have a Skype service, and to be able to use my SOCOM headset… far easier to use than having something that ugly tacked to the top.

    and I agree with the keyboard position too… how are you supposed to type and look at the screen at the same time?

    pathetic, should have gone with Logitech, far simpler and more effective design and positioning of the keyboard.

  7. Wasn’t it Logic 3 and not Logictech releasing the keyboard. But this one is rediculous. It will be so hard to type with. If they release that I would stick with the onscreen keyboard. Sony should smarten up and actually think about what people would want to see in a keyboard. If it turns out to be great and easy to use then I will eat my words but I think I may just go hungry.

  8. Annonymous Coward (Mving_Trgt)

    i think its a great idea! be fecking happy for what we get! its at least something!

  9. Ya know what i think should be done? if any of you have ever seen the Logitech PlayGear amps, maybe there should be a simlar base, and maybe have the top part be something that flips overtop and plugs in, but at the same time have a wire attatched to the keyboard. That way you can still sit the keyboard at the bottom of the PSP flat, and you still have like a backboard base that you can adjust so you’d still be able tos ee the screen.

  10. I think the phone add on would be a nice idea if they integrated it with the wireless headset. If you can make free calls outbound over a wifi connection at a coffee house it would help me get rid of an extra cell phone I’ve got hanging around. There are free wi-fi connections in every coffee house around here, and there is about one every few blocks. The phone *could* be a good idea if it’s done well.

  11. its interesting i can’t wait to see what is going to happen

  12. What can I say, you can given me alot to think about.

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