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Not much has been heard of PSP-OSS for a while now but a teaser image of what’s to come has been released. The next iteration of PSP-OSS is codenamed “Hawk” and man does it look cool. The interface looks very sleek and has what looks like an OS X style launch bar. The image indicates that it will integrate several key features into the shell such as audio/video playback, file browsing, image viewer, text viewer, and a built in IRC chat client. So far, there’s only been one mention of Hawk on the official PSP-OSS website.

We are still in need of coders for PSP-OSS.
If you got any experience with coding for the psp and some free time, please contact us :

IRC : #psp-oss @ irc.vgirc.com
EMAIL : β€œjust [ dot ] me [ dot ] elz @ Gmail [ dot ] Com” (remove [ dot ] and the spaces)

Btw; HAWK is real.

No release date has been set but it sounds like they are already pretty far along in the development of Hawk.


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  1. Hey that looks very mac like lol but that is pretty good sign lol πŸ™‚

  2. will it be 1.5 only or will it be avalible on the 2.0+ ?

  3. Looks gorgeous. It’d be a stellar approach if they got rid of the cursor. L|R toggles apps, dock, and desktop mode. L|R digital changes the dock selection, and all the rest for “Play, Select MP3, Zoom Picture, Quit, Select Homebrew”. And from the mockup, just put Settings in the dock.

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