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Episode #51 is here and ready for your listening pleasure. After a short break from reviews, I’m back this week with a review of Untold Legends 2, the Griffin iTrip PSP and the Griffin SmartSharePSP. Thanks for sticking with us, I know that we’ve been releasing the PGR podcast since the birth of my son, but the reviews have suffered. Hopefully this podcast will let you guys know that PGR isn’t going anywhere! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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[note: It looks like there is an odd crackling in this episode. It must be something to do with my mic, and it’s grounding. I’m looking into it, sorry about that guys. ]


About the author: Lloyd Hannesson


Lloyd is the father of 2 young kids and is the owner/operator of Nukoda.com. When not writing about games, Lloyd hosts and produces the popular Nintendo Pulse, Inside Dimensions and DeREZD podcasts over on REZD.tv!


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  1. Good to see you’re back at it, I look forward to listening to this as soon as I get home from work.

    P.S. It appears the ad software you’re using on this page is currently advertising yourself, although it’s pointing to psppodcast.com. Thought that was kinda funny.

  2. Alex "McFuzzHead" Metz

    awesome! iv been waiting for this! ill listen to it in the morning, keep up the good work Lloyd

  3. ya!!!!!!!!!!! man whats taking you so long to get this out?

  4. Demon hunter: If you’ve been listening to the podcasts you wouldn’t have to ask that question.

  5. Yeah, or read the boards.

    Good to have you back Lloyd!

  6. Hey Dasme! I’m listening to it right now, so far so good! Ah! And thank you!

  7. Alex "McFuzzHead" Metz

    just got done listening, one word……awesome

  8. Just thought I’d say I love these podcasts… keep up the good work.

  9. i recently started listening to your program and it’s very informing. i am a huge tekken fan and looking foward to the preview and review.

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