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Due to a system crash, this episode is out a bit later then intended. A nice side effect of that is that I now have two, count em two, “The Scene” segments for you this week. Cara had recorded one a couple weeks ago for my first recording session of #55, and thankfully it wasn’t lost in the system crash.

Anyways, this week we have a pile of news for you. I chat a bit about the Sony Gamers Day, clue you into a free movie that you can download for your PSP, talk a bit about homebrew, and then as mentioned above… Cara brings you two back to back episodes of the Scene. Hope you enjoy it.

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Release List

  • Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception
  • ATV Off Road Fury Pro
  • Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded – Link to guide
  • Dynasty Warriors 2
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
  • Star Trek: Tactical Assault
  • WTF: Work Time Fun


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About the author: Lloyd Hannesson


Lloyd is the father of 2 young kids and is the owner/operator of Nukoda.com. When not writing about games, Lloyd hosts and produces the popular Nintendo Pulse, Inside Dimensions and DeREZD podcasts over on REZD.tv!


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  1. YAY another podcast !!!

  2. cool i convert these for my gta and listen to them whilst shootin up Vice City

    Thx a lot :>)

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