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Will Wright, the creator of The Sims and numerous other popular games, has confirmed that Spore will be coming to handhelds like the PSP and Nintendo DS. Ever since winning the game of the show award at E3, Spore has been one of the most anticipated titles for PC. A few weeks ago, we reported that EA was looking for designers the handheld version of Spore. EA made no no comment about this but Will Wright confirmed it at a GDC conference on Wednesday.

Personally, I’m really excited about this game. The entire world of Spore is procedurally generated, meaning that everything is created on the fly. This creates an open ended world that you can shape as you see fit. When I say everything, I don’t mean only the physical objects in the world, but also the characters movements and actions; every single verb (yes, every single one including mating) in the game is procedurally generated. You can watch Will Wright’s GDC presentation to get an idea of how groundbreaking this game really is.

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  1. Paul Michaelson

    Finally I reason i spent 250.00 bucks on my psp.

    I think the PSP is a perfect platform for Spore but heres hoping i can transfer my spore from PC to PSP.. Now that would be cool..

    Play on the computer. and when i leave the house. Transfer it over ot the PSP and continue my game.. Now thats flexability. YaY procedurally generated software.

  2. looks like a really good game, ill buy it for shure. It will be worth every pennie/dime i spend!! Also the wifi functionality looks good to

  3. Yes finally i can get a good game for my psp thanks to Will Wright.

  4. i’ll pre order it the moment it’s confirmed for psp

  5. I think the game looks sick

  6. this does look nice but how many games on the psp do you know that are exactly the same on the pc to the psp. not many. i hope it will be full fledged but that does not happen often especially for such a revolutionary game.

  7. I want to be able to use my psp usb cord to hook up my psp to the computer so that i can play on the laptop and then play on my psp again. This will be my number one game for when i cant play Monster Hunter 2 with my cousins.

  8. thats not a PSP pic thats a PC pic of the spore game >.> Dont believe spore comes at PSP. it only comes at Wii, PC and DS

  9. if its on ds which has terrible graphics why not Psp which (has perfect graphics{for a portable})

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