Tired of getting your skull caved in while playing Gears of War 2 online? Do you find yourself spending more time staring at the respawn counter than actually playing? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you owe it to yourself to continue reading and check out our Gears of War 2 multiplayer tips that will have you evacuating enemy brains in no time.

One-Two Combo
Pressing B to melee your opponent will do damage and leave him momentarily stunned. Follow up a beat-down with a quick shotgun blast to immobilize an enemy and kill him before he can move again. The melee will also keep you from getting sucked into the chainsaw vacuum of the lancer. Fans of the original Gears will refer to this move as a “two-piece.” If you played Halo, think shotgun/beat-down in reverse.

The Sixth Man
In the submission game type, the meat-flag will attempt to defend himself with a shotgun, which he does pretty well. If you find yourself outnumbered near the flag, hang back and let the other team fight for him. They will likely lose one person in that battle, and then you can toss a smoke grenade (or any grenade really) to make them drop the flag, who will then begin defending himself again. All the while, you can pepper the opposing team with bullets. If you have two grenades, you can often take out three or four people in concert with the meat-flag, making for an easy mop-up for your teammates.

Down But Not Out
Having been downed, you can do more than attempt to crawl to safety. You are still able to use the melee button to tag enemies with any grenades you might have. Don’t go down without a fight!

Lancer or Hammerburst?
The lancer has the one-hit-kill advantage of the chainsaw, while the hammerburst does significantly more bullet damage (This is especially true if you have a fast trigger finger, as the hammerburst will fire almost as fast as you can pull the trigger). The important thing to consider is whether or not the game-type you are playing requires executions to finish off the enemy. With the hammerburst, you sacrifice an easy stealth execution with the chainsaw. Pick the lancer for execution-based matches, and the hammerburst for everything else.

Taking Hostages
It might be tempting to finish off the enemy you just downed, but don’t be so hasty. Taking the downed opponent hostage will significantly reduce the amount of damage you take, as well as absorb any explosive or grenade aimed your way. The best part is, it takes a ton of gunfire to take you down from the front. Our advice is to rush in and beat down any enemies while you are holding a hostage; you can easily kill two or three people this way. If no one will get close to you, your pistol will still be able to down them before they get you. This is one of the easiest ways to kill a group of enemies at once, especially in the hill.


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