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E3 2010 has been a memorable one.  Lots of wonderful announcements about how gamers will be spending their hard earned money for the next year or so.  With things finishing up, we decided to poll the writers and get some of their overall thoughts.  Basically we asked 3 simple questions.  Read on for each set of answers:

1. What was the biggest surprise for you coming out of E3?

Shea Haley– The xbox slim! I had no idea they were going to come out with a new console, but once they announced it, it made sense. With Wi-Fi included, internal memory and smaller than the other xbox consoles, I was sold!

Lloyd Hannesson- Metal Gear Solid: Rising. To have the game not only star Raiden, but be focused mainly on swordplay seems like a nice departure for me. I’m a little concerned with how this will play, and if chopping things up for 8+ hours will grow tiresome, but I have a lot of faith in Kojima Productions to do it right.

Josh Miller-Watt– The 3DS. I mean, the device went from being talked about conceptually, with nothing but a confirmation it was being developed and some vague facts to being fully designed, with a lineup of games already underway. I figured that since the DSi is just over a year old, we’d have a while longer before we started getting ready for the new handheld peripheral. I was clearly wrong. But in a good way!

Jared Schulz- Kid Icarus actually coming.  Sure it has been rumored a long time but let’s be honest it has become a running joke among Nintendo-philes that Kid Icarus is coming back every year.  Coming back on the 3ds is a great strategy move in my opinion.  Nintendo just sold a bunch of 3ds units to all of us who have been wanting to revisit Kid Icarus for years!

Sam Atkins- Nintendo delivering for once was by far the biggest surprise of E3. With the most to prove they showcased brilliant game after game, Zelda being the perfect way to open the show.

Jonathan Harrop- Honestly, the new 360 is a step in the right direction and was not something I was at all expecting. 3DS, PS Move, Kinect, we all knew those were coming but this was a surprise. The biggest surprise? Built in Wifi. This is a step in the right direction for Microsoft and man, if that thing has an internal power supply, count me in ASAP.

Joe Cruickshank – Eighty-four minutes into the Sony conference the lights dimmed and the unmistakable voice of GLaDOS echoed over the speakers, followed by the unmistakable silhouette of Valve head Gabe Newell taking to the stage. Newell has been one of the most vocal detractors of the PS3, at one point calling it “a total disaster”. To see him not only pledging support to the console, but also revealing the first trailer for the fantastic looking Portal 2, was a surreal moment indeed. Surreal, but excellent.

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2. What game are you most excited to play that was shown?

Shea Haley– Kirby. Kirby is probably my favorite NES game. That sweet little pink creature that runs around swallowing enemies and being able to wield weapons was a platforming dream come true. I’m not sure I’m really excited about the fact that the setting is going to be made out of yarn and fabric, but like many games; I’m sure I’ll end up being surprised. Kirby hasn’t had a game in a while. I hope they do him some justice.

Lloyd Hannesson- I’m most looking forward to playing Donkey Kong Country: Returns.  This was one of my favorite series of games on the SNES, and the thought of playing through a new game in the series with improves gameplay and graphics makes me smile ear to ear.

Josh Miller-Watt– Probably Kid Icarus. Don’t get me wrong – I loves me some Zelda and Metroid, but I’ve PLAYED those. Kid Icarus is breaking new ground, and utilizing characters which have almost no development. Not only that, but the gameplay trailer pegs it as a great-looking balls-to-the-wall action shooter, with fantastic looking flight sequences, in which you are an angel battling demons. What’s not to like?

Jared Schulz- Toss up between Golden Sun on the DS and Patapon 3.  Both are the third installments in series that I have loved and used so much time playing.  I wish both had a little more firm release dates though so that I could plan to be sick for a week after each of them comes out.

Sam Atkins- Either of the dance games Dance Central or SingStar Dance. An addiction to Eye Toy Groove back on PS2 has left me with the urge to play a proper dance game. And both MTV and Sony’s efforts look like they will do the trick.

Jonathan Harrop- No question, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Raiden has gone from annoying person who prevented me from playing as Snake in MGS2 to someone everyone thought was utterly awesome in MGS4, being able to play as Cyborg-awesome-ninja for once will be pretty sweet, a nice change of pace for a Kojima game.

Joe Cruickshank – Rock Band 3. The best multiplayer game around, but better.

3. Who “won” this year’s E3 for you?

Shea Haley– I think it was between Nintendo and Microsoft. Nothing beats new consoles and with the Xbox Slim, Kinect (formerly Project Natal) and the Nintendo 3DS, it’s going to be a great year for games.

Lloyd Hannesson- Nintendo most definitely won E3. With the 3DS bringing realistic 3D experiences without the need for a $2000 TV, old franchises like Kid Icarus, Kirby and DKC getting the new gen treatment, there is something for everybody. I had a sense of wonder and amazement watching the Keynote, Zelda demo aside, and can see myself wanting to own each and every game that was shown.

Josh Miller-WattThat’s a no-brainer this year – Nintendo. In previous years, a lot of gamers were complaining that Nintendo had shown little to no love to its ‘hardcore’ fanbase (as in last year, where all we really got was the announcement of the new Metroid). Nintendo seems to have taken those rumours, and gone out of its way to cut that off – toot-suite. It’s gonna be a good year to own a Wii, that’s for damn sure.

Jared Schulz- Surprisingly Nintendo, it seems like they focused a lot on core gamers.  Sure they threw out a couple of bones like Let’s Dance and Mario Sports to the casual audience, but for the most part they stayed on topic focusing on giving people lots of things to play on the boatload of Wiis that they have sold.

Sam Atkins- Nintendo stole this year’s E3.Sony came close with their highly technical showcase, but game announcements ranging from Kid Icarus to Kirby put the painfully embarrassing Kinect presentation to shame.

Jonathan Harrop- Gamers. Microsoft emphasized Kinect* too much, Nintendo failed to produce anything remotely original, and Sony made the rookie move of being overly technical and… well boring. When taken as a whole however, there’s a lot of really, really cool stuff on the horizon, no matter what takes your fancy and that’s a really, really cool thing. (*Natal is still a cooler name, but so was Revolution instead of Wii, so there you have it.)

Joe Cruickshank – I hate to choose a “winner” from the big three, as fans of each console have things to look forward to. But… I think Nintendo had the strongest showing. Ninty finally learned from the mistakes of E3s past, and gave plenty for their ‘hardcore’ fanbase to get excited about. It could be seen as them simply regurgitating old franchises, but this is what the majority of Nintendo fans want! Welcome back to the living room, Wii!

So that is our thoughts!  What are your opinions on these questions?  We would love to hear your feedback!


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