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Its finally here! If you decided to update past the 3.03 firmware and missed the downgrader, you probably kicked yourself. Well kick yourself not anymore; the 3.50 downgrader has been released.

People are skeptical when they downgrade as they fear of making their PSP “bricked” or non-functional. Well the Noobz team have made sure this downgrade is as simple as simple can be. At no point should you feel stuck in downgrading. As long as you can read and understand English, own a PSP with firmware 3.50 or below and a copy of Lumines (Any version such as platinum ETC), then you can downgrade. You may also want to try out the ‘Illuminati Hello World’ homebrew that you can try on a 3.50 PSP to get the feel of downgrading. You can see ‘Illuminati Hello World’ below:

Illuminati Hello World

With this new downgrader, it detects which motherboard your PSP has and downgrades it to that type. This way, its safer than just guessing. You may want to ask, ‘But all this downgrading must break PSP’s?’. Well thats were you are wrong. The Noobz team say that if your PSP breaks then you either didn’t follow the instructions 100% or you are one of the unlucky percent that just break.

Overall, I think anyone who has a PSP should take a look into the homebrew scene as it offers a wide scale to view your PSP from. I know that everyone that I helped to downgrade said that they fully enjoy their PSP’s now and it brings a whole new life to the PSP area.

Hope you enjoyed this as I am really exited for you guys as I want you to join me into the homebrew scene and take full advantage of your lovable handheld’s



About the author: Lloyd Hannesson


Lloyd is the father of 2 young kids and is the owner/operator of Nukoda.com. When not writing about games, Lloyd hosts and produces the popular Nintendo Pulse, Inside Dimensions and DeREZD podcasts over on REZD.tv!


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  1. i want to downgrade my psp my version 3.51

  2. u cant downgrade from psp version 3.51 because sony has patched the Lumines exploit.

  3. I just picked up my psp after awhile of not playing. My version is 3.30 will this work for that version. And is it worth downgrading my psp at all?

  4. so if i down grade ill be able to do more stuff

  5. my psp is 3.50 but i dont know if i should risk trying to downgrade and break my psp

  6. i cant seem to be able to find a copy of lumines anywhere in the us

  7. I’ve yet to find a compelling reason to downgrade and use homebrew. Is there one killer app (or more) that makes homebrew worthwhile?

  8. wer can i get the downgrader?free please

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