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PSP Colors

5 new PSP colors were shown off at TGS this week, although they were not shown as shipping units just demos. Sony revealed the PSP sporting bright yellow, metallic red, metallic blue, and 2 camouflage variations. Personally, I think that all of these new colours are appalling and am not interested in any of them should they ever ship. Lets hope that Sony thinks this out before flooding the market with alternate coloured units. Nintendo can get away with it because the GB, GBA and DS are nearly throw-away cheap.

[Edited by Dasme to clear up some confusion]

PSP Camo


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  1. Blegh.

    Sure am glad that I already own a PSP. πŸ™‚

  2. thats cool

  3. I do like the red one. The camo ones would be cool for maybe 2 minutes.

  4. I don’t mind the blue so much, actually…

  5. i am happy with my black. always was and always will be

  6. The white one I think is the best looking, it’s really classy, except it’s more expensive than the bleck one, so I had to go for black. These new colors are okay… except for the army ones, which are really really ugly. I’d actually consider the yellow one over the others

  7. I’d love to sit in on a Sony PSP board meeting just once.

    “Well, gentlemen, the PSP is lagging far behind the DS in sales all over the world, and is basically dying a slow death because of its high price, the complete failure of UMD movies, and our insistance on trying to keep it locked up so the average user can’t run homebrew apps that would actually make the PSP useful. What should we do?”

    “Ummm, make new colors?”


  8. I might take my PSP back and get a Blue one when it comes out. (thats what i did with my black one!)

  9. I will sell my psp for the blue one

  10. WHERES MY PINK PSP!!!!!!!. (i want a lavender psp bad)

  11. OK, has anyone else out there heard about that new psp… you know the one with the 4-8 gigs built in to it? it is comming out in like november… in japan

  12. Hahaha! Sony is just trying to make thier consumers not happy with the PSP aren’t they? Red Zepplin said it right, this is just a way to slow down the PSP’s slow and unfortuanate death. I don’t believe the talk of the new PSP until i see something official, it could be true, i just don’t believe it..

  13. im gona geta red 1, i hava black 1 bt the speakers r messin up nd the screens scratched.

    what version wil be on them?


    i love my psp

  14. i want to lick a white girls pussy

  15. I want to lick Bob Jens asshole!

    P.S. What bob said

  16. hmmm….i wanna ceramic white 1 >..>

  17. im not intrested in any of these colors…they couldve done something better than make new colors like making good games 4 once…the only color that im intrested in thats not black is the silver one..i kno this has nothin 2 do with the psp but why copy the logo of spiderman on the ps3…why?

  18. pshh colors are boring just like the games they have..damn it sony do something with you company

  19. Ok….all u guys that are talkin bout gettin a differant colored psp>> FUK IT its called pay $5.00-$10.00 on a skin,they feel the same and everything………Better than spending $300 on a new one!!!!

    that website is: http://www.vinzdecals.com/sonypsp

    THANK YOU!!!

  20. all these other colors are super ugly to me & look like if i were to buy them ~ they’d look fake and plastic-y……i think they should’ve just stuck with white & pink.

  21. eat crap camo sucks

  22. nice, but i’d still buy it in good old black πŸ˜‰

  23. Dude I e’fn Love the red and the blue.
    Thats so freakin cool. I wish they had a metallic purple PSP.
    Now that would be badass! I just hope that sony will ship them to the U.S.
    And just because I like purple, That dosent make me gay

  24. well i will be buying all 3 good colors cause i need 3 more psp (i have a big house full of kids) we have the black one for me and the pink one for my wife my oldest son has the white one so it stands to reason that my 3 younger kids would get the yellow red and blue ones (might just keep the blue one for myself) but they really should get some good games i think the best game on UMD is the SEGA Genesis collection and that is pathetic ( not the games just that it is just a collection of old games)

  25. ya i like the pink one even tho it s not on here

  26. Chrome would be sweet, I have seen them around but not for sale, black and white are best, followed by red then blue

  27. they need get a green or two tone

  28. I want a BLACK or a PINK one..Or a PURLE one..or YELLOW..I like the original best (BLACK) I think…My mommy want a PINK one my daddy not want a PSP.

  29. I think that sony should sell the red,blue, and the army one u know the dark one.Pleese respond thank you.

  30. I like the Red, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i think all those colors suck except white even tho it not up there black an white all the way!!!

  32. Im with u Jeff those colors do suc

  33. blue looks the best man! im going with the lbue wacth the yellow looks fake as hell. like the camaflouge’s so wicth one looks sick atleast pick blue. so when it comes out sony might put new gagets in it. and change the color a bit like green, orange, purple and even dark gray PS. im reelly fat joe .

  34. i tink that red and blue looks best the rest of them look bad

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