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Band Hero, the recently announced game for the home consoles is set to bring Guitar Hero into the more ‘pop’ driven music world. The DS version on the other hand brings with it an all new peripheral, pictured above.

It sure is a shock to see the company create another DS specific peripheral like this, the Drum Grip utilising the d-pad and face buttons of the DS itself. Said to be more comfortable than using buttons alone, the drum pads should make the game much less strenuous on your thumbs, and hopefully a lot more fun.

Unfortunately, as was the case with the Guitar Grip (which also comes bundled with the game), it’s only compatible with DSLite, and not DSi. For the thousands of DSi owners, this will be disappointing, and with many people upgrading to the newer version of the handheld, it could mean that Band Hero never quite takes off like the first Guitar Hero on DS did.


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