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Ubisoft released a press release today announcing a PSP-exclusive Brothers in Arms game being developed in conjunction with Gearbox Software. Brothers in Arms D-Day puts players in the boots Sergeants Baker and Hartsock of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles as they make their way to Carentan and St. Sauveur with their squad of paratroopers.

Few details have been revealed but Ubisoft has confirmed a few PSP-specific features:

  • Players will be able to command bazooka teams, order their squad to man MG42s, and even fire mortar rounds.
  • Co-op has been added and will span 12 different missions over ad-hoc in four different game modes.
  • Other miscellaneous improvements including better enemy AI, new teammate capabilities, new weapons, and destructible cover.

The graphics look pretty good judging by the handful of screenshots Ubisoft has released and since this is a Brothers in Arms game, one of the better World War II shooters, it should be a pretty good play. Look out for this game in Fall 2006.

Brothers in Arms D-Day Brothers in Arms D-Day

Brothers in Arms D-Day Brothers in Arms D-Day


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  2. World War II videogame? OH MY GOD!

    Still, Brother’s in Arms effing rocks.

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