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Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? used to be an absolute favorite game of mine as I was growing up. I couldn’t count the number of hours I spent playing both the original and Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? on my parent’s old 486 computer in the basement.

The news that Carmen Sandiego will hopefully soon be gracing my DS screen is definitely exciting! There is virtually no information known about the game, other than it’s existence that was accidentally leaked by the ERSB when Mindscape applied for a rating for the portable title.

I’ll keep my eyes open for further news on his title and will keep you all posted.


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  1. Stephen Van Neil

    I played the Apple IIc version to death back in the day. Got to the point where I knew all the clues by heart and could catch her really quickly.

    DS version could be cool. Now watch them turn it into a 2D run-and-gun game.

  2. Do we really need to bring back another old franchise? Either way it would seem odd for them to try and bring her back without relaunching a tv show or something to help bring back the name.

  3. I don’t think having Carmen Sandiego back for another round could ever be considered a bad thing! The last game to come out of that name was in 2004 but it was more action/adventure and didn’t stay true to the usual format. Prior to that were releases in 1999. Exposing a new generation to Carmen Sandiego would be great!

    And I’m definitely hoping that they bring the series back to the way that it’s supposed to be played, using Interpol and your own knowledge of Geography!

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