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Edison Carter has released his newest version of his popular GTA:LCS CheatDevice. The biggest change being it now works on Firmware 2.61!

v0.4 release notes:

Your Car Is Indestructible makes any car you get in indestructible, even after you get out. If flipped over, it’ll stay that way like a turtle on its back and not catch fire. You can flip it back over with grenades. This effect does not last through a garage save, and cars can still get visible damage as usual.

Your Car Is Always On Fire makes your car stay on fire all the time without exploding. Once you get off, the clock starts ticking, so get away or get back in fast!

No Reload works for handguns, smg’s, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. The rocket launcher has the added bonus that if you keep holding the trigger, you can keep firing after you run out of rockets.

You can the download US/Canada version here and the UK/EU version here.


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  1. theres 2.61????

  2. Martin O'grady

    Can someone please tell me the name of a website where i can find a cheat device that actually works?

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