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Today’s Virtual Console update in PAL regions features an all new console coming to the VC for the first time. The Commodore 64 was launced way back in 1982, making it the oldest system on the VC, something that is apparent in the quality of the graphics on offer in some of the better games on the system. They fail in comparison to the best on the later 8-Bit console the NES, which can’t be said about the sound quality. As a home computer rather than a games console, it had a unique sound chip built into it, making the music better than anything that the NES culd pull off.

The first games to come onto the VC from the C-64 are International Karate (the name speaks for itself) , and Uridium (another addition to the huge library of shooters on the Virtual Console). At 500 points each, you could probably spend the same amount on a better NES game than either of these, but the fact that they are here can only spell good things for the VC itself, seen in full force in the addition of the Master System in Japan.

The third game to hit the Virtual Console this week is from that other 64 system. Cruisin’ USA is here for 1000 points, probably due to the release of the new game at retail. For 1000 points you would be better off buying the two games above than this, as Cruisin’ was just as bad as it is now back in the N64 era.  


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