The DSi LL has now been confirmed for North America and Europe for Q1 2010.  There are basically two major changes to it, first the screen size which is increased from 3.2 inches to 4.2 inches.  This is actually a very significant size difference and even more so for people like me that did not feel like the DSi was enough to upgrade.  The question that this whole issue raises in my mind is how big is too big?  Are people not going to buy it simply because as the screens get bigger it loses portability.  With the new specs will it still be pocketable?

The second major change is the battery life.  This was a major reason that I did not want to upgrade to the DSi.  I go on long trips sometimes and I did not want to see my DS cease to a an entertainment source any sooner than it already was.  The new specs say that it will last 9 to 11 hours on mid-brightness.  That is enough for me to be willing to upgrade.  My DS Lite is beginning to show some wear and finally a few games on the DSi Ware are starting to catch my eye. 


Other rumors include the ability of making your DS an e-Reader and 3G access which would definitely be welcome.  We will just have to wait and see what is truth and what is simply dreaming.  It all seems like a move to fight of the iPhone in what is becoming a very interesting handheld war.  So, will the DSi LL convince you to upgrade?


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