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GameSpot has posted some new info on the much anticipated Metal Gear Solid game for PSP. Today, Kojima Productions revealed Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. This Metal Gear game won’t be using a card based system like Acid does. Instead, it will be using the classic real time neck snapping gameplay Metal Gear Solid has become famous for.

Portable Ops looks like it’ll play just like the console Metal Gear Solid titles, which is exactly what fans have been waiting for. What’s even better is, this game is considered part of the core Metal Gear Solid timeline as defined by Hideo Kojima, so it counts as an installment in the saga of Solid Snake. The game is set in 1970, six years after Snake Eater, and rejoins Naked Snake (nee Big Boss) now that’s split away from the FOX unit. Big Boss is now being charged with treason, and you’ll have to fight your way through any number of heavily guarded compounds and take out a number of renegade FOX agents to prove your innocence.


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  1. Ocelot and Eva subplots?!

  2. looks awsome

  3. Paradoxe Persistant

    It looks tremendously awesome! XD

  4. iz this game a first person shooter or iz it like mg acid where u have to play wid cards coz if itz a first person shooter ill buy it but if not then fuk it i got all games and add on games plus all first series i am a big collecter ……….. πŸ˜€ sum 1 plz rite bak to this email befor christmas BIGDICK40INCHS@aol.com cheers lads

  5. class game cant wait till wednesday

  6. thare is a new verson of this game out

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