The Entertainment Software Rating Board today released a new App for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Targeted at parents, the App allows users to search the ESRB database for information on games while at the store, theoretically allowing them to make proper decisions about games for the children in their lives.

In addition to showing a game’s rating, the app also details rating descriptors and provides a full explanation of the content in the title. Game summaries date back to July 1, 2008, so would likely include the hot desirables this holiday season.

To back the launch of the application, the ESRB has also debuted a new Public Service Announcement.

ESRB president Patricia Vance added, “This new rating search app puts all this information at parents’ fingertips when they need it most, right at the store.  It’s a powerful tool that will help assure parents that the games they give as gifts are not only fun but also appropriate for their children.”

In a small dose of irony, applications and games in Apple Inc.’s App Store do not feature ESRB ratings.


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