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2.81 Firmware Update

PSP version 2.81 is out in the wild folks. But not so fast. 2.81 brings no new features. It’s another one of Sony’s security updates to patch the recently discovered TIFF exploit. But if you really want to the latest and “greatest” firmware, you can download it via network update. It is not available through the PlayStation website yet unfortunately.

Update: The firmware update is now available on the PlayStation website.


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  1. Wow. I don’t even use homebrew, and I’m not wasting my time updating.

  2. ok… thats just a waist of me time…

  3. LMAO HAHA Sony you SUCK! The TIFF exploit has barely been anounced a week ago with the publication of the Hello World app and here it is, the new firmware to go against homebrews. This is lame on Sony’s part. L.A.M.E.

  4. if any one upgrade to v2.81 your a dumass cause theres no point

  5. dont update it bricks it brick my psp

  6. I have updated from the first day I got a Wi-fi connection. And EVEN THOUGH this update sounds worthless, I’m gonna do it ANYWAY. Why?

    1. I have nothing better to do.

    2. Sony MUST have some good reason to update, maybe a hidden one, but a reason by all means. Maybe a new game demo, only accesible with this update?

    Also as a side note… BUY A DS.

  7. WTF Sony!!!! you should intertain us with the psp……but youve just let us all down with that upgrade

  8. i am so pissed sony sucks this update was something most of us were looking forward too instead they bullshitted us with one of they patchs that basicly make us buy sonys crap games im ready to sell my psp

  9. wtf sony you suck what can you even do with your with a psps browser little kyle sucks ,austin sucks,kevin f sucks , heydon sucks

  10. I was reading on the yourpsp.com website, that the update is a security update, but it also lets the psp support more than a 4gb memory stick duo, so now sony are going to relase a 8gb stick!!!! and anything under v2.8 can’t support anything more than 4gb, so there is a reason to update, but only when they release 8gb, but until they do that, its a waste of time to update.

  11. hell i made the update cause my psp needs a bigger stick and i might as well get it cause i have nothing better to do with my time. lame i agree. no more linux on psp?

  12. wait wait wait… 8gb memory stick????? link plz!

  13. The 8gb memorystick isn’t ourt for sale yet, but are still developing it, go to http://www.psp-vault.com/Article422.psp or http://uk.gamespot.com/news/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=24345629 to find out more.

  14. If u upgrade u must be a faguet!!! i mean the 8gb stick is’ent even out yeat! and u just elemated homebrew!!! well it dosen’t matter because if was DECRIPED ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE RELESE!!!! Well once they emulate it we will all be able to have 8gb on our psp. LONG LIVE HOMEBREW

  15. P.S it will cost u like $450 !! ore than the psp

  16. sorry that MORE

  17. The new stick is not pro duo it’s a new micro stick which is smaller and you need an adapter to make it pro duo sized! Completely pointless and made smaller in order to make more money!

  18. If it can stop a virus im good PsP browser rocks

  19. lol……2.81 will owns home brew @!!!!!!!!!! JOKE JOKE JOKE fu ck no………u susk Sony PLS DIe

  20. b were the update to 8.1 can cause the psp to update automaticly when in a wifi rich envro i just went to jap, on business, and in the middle of my metting it updated when i was useing he camera for a video confrence…..

  21. man they say ver 2.81 has realo-one player and doesnt need video converter …. is that true ?
    and also there is version 2.71 were it makes 1.50 and 2,71 works at the saem time !!!
    its called 2.71 SE-B u can copy UMD to memory or play games from memory!!!

  22. i am happy

  23. So, don’t I need the 2.81 in order to download the latest firmware version 3.02? Geez…I’m confused.

  24. iam useing psp v2.81 i cant play game that i download from internet?why?can anybody help me????mail me ganesh8586@yahoo.com.

  25. douse any one no how i can upgrade my psp from 2.6 to 2.81or more ?

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