It’s lost on my as to why anyone would want to slap a bigger-than-a-DS contraption on their handheld to play a game – where the primary focus is the visceral feel of being a rock star –  but the Guitar Hero: On Tour developers decided that’s exactly what gamers want.

IGN revealed today that Guitar Hero On Tour, complete with “more than 20 licensed songs from bands as Nirvana, OK Go, and No Doubt”, will hit the Nintendo DS this Summer. Gamers looking forward to the wireless multiplaye will be fending off fans with their touch screen or blowing in to their mic to blow out fire when attacked by an opponent, to name a couple feature.

We’ve got faith that the four-fret peripheral, which plugs in to the GBA slot, will work well. But will the feeling of jamming on a portable axe be as awesome as standing in the middle of a surround-sound living room? Not likely, but we’ll see this Summer.


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