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Old school arcade shooting-gallery game Lethal VR has been confirmed for the PlayStation VR and will hit before the end of 2016. This game immediately reminds me of old arcade games like Police 911 and Police Trainer. I used to pump these machines full of quarters back in the day, and I can’t wait to experience this again on the PlayStation VR!

In addition to the standard handguns and UZIs, you’ll also be able to unlock some sweet weapons like Crocodile Dundee’s knife and Odd Job’s razor brimmed bowler hat while shooting your way through a collection of moving target, house clearing and shooting range type levels… all in full 360 degree VR!

Light gun games have so far been some of my favourites on the PlayStation VR. It’s looking like Lethal VR will be another good one. Expect more coverage of this game here, and on the DeREZD podcast!


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