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Medal of Honor ranks pretty high up on the list when it comes to World War II shooters, probably second to only Call of Duty. So you can probably imagine my excitement when EA announced today that they were bringing the franchise to the PSP. Medal of Honor Heroes is not a port of a previous MoH game (thank gawd). It will feature a whole new storyline detailing the untold stories of characters from previous Medal of Honor games such as Lt. Jimmy Patterson (Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor Frontline) and Lt. William Holt (Medal of Honor: European Assault).

The first thing that popped into my mind after hearing the anouncment was “Is there infrastructure?” Let me tell you, EA really went all out on this game as Medal of Honor Heroes will supports infrastructure gaming for up to 32 players! If you think things get hairy on SOCOM, wait until you have 32 player on the same map fragging each other. Read GameSpot’s Q&A session with group producer Peter Choi for lots more info!


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  1. Was just looking at IGN….

    But you can’t spell IGNorant without IGN!

  2. PS: Holy Shit.

    32 people online multiplayer. Nice.

  3. Greg phillips mcdonalds george gregson pilley pele monaldo gogy JR.

    32 players? isnt that too many?

  4. 32 would be awesome online. Voice chat would have been a plus though.

    I really like that users can host thier own dedicated servers on their PC. That would be great for clan practices and matches.

  5. wonder what the controls will be like………….

  6. Seriously, face buttons move, nub looks works great.

  7. again, pissed in my pants o_O

  8. You and your… crazy shit…

  9. hmm controls hmm lol. er i suppose it will be a top game…. maybe

  10. goaliedude777 aka Mchief39


  11. This game looks ridiculously good dude… kinda reminds me of Counterstrike Source and Americas Army, especially with the major multiplayer.

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