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SnakeGamesAreFun.com reports that Hideo Kojima has announced plans for bring the Metal Gear Solid universe to the PSP on his podcast. The game is scheduled for a Fall 2007 launch date and won’t be a spin-off title like Acid is. This game will be part of the Solid series and won’t be using Acid’s card based gameplay.

According to a translation done by members of GAF, the game will be take place after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3. The story will cover how Big Boss and how he founded Foxhound. Although the game won’t be using Acid’s card system, it won’t be using Solid’s system either. The player will have to control troops and if one of them dies, he will be dead for the rest of the game. At the beginning of battles, the player will have the chance to “bet” his troops. If you decide to surrender before the end of the battle, you will not losing any of your troops. The consequences for losing are still unknown at the moment. Kojima also said that the graphic quality will be on par with its PS2 cousins and that it feature multiplayer wifi. Whether infrastructure play will be available is unknown as well.


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  1. Fuckin’ eh! About time! I just hope it’s true…Should be, being that it was his ‘cast. The whole founding Foxhound bit is GENIUS! The system sounds fun, and innovative.

  2. it’s about damn time.

  3. ABSOLUTELY 100% confirmed. Can’t wait!

  4. it won’t be using Solid’s system. soab. im so pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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