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PSP GPS Peripheral

Recently, pictures of Sony’s planned camera and GPS add-ons flooded gaming sites all over the web. Sony has announced the Japanese release date and price of both.

The 1.3 mega pixel camera will be capable of taking pictures at either 480×272 or 640×480 resolution, and shooting 30 fps video 15 seconds at a time. The camera will set us back roughly $43 USD including a storage case.

The GPS will also sit on top of your PSP, connected to the USB port. The GPS will refresh every second and will need separately sold map packs to run. The GPS receiver will cost approximately $52 USD.

Both of these new items will be released in Japan in December 7th. Unfortunately, Sony has not announced any North American or European release dates. Hit the jump for a picture of the camera.

PSP Camera Peripheral


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  1. Non oF Yo BuisneSS

    i visited japan last summer and looked at the gps thing and the camera, the camera was like 4200 yen, the gps thing was like 3600, and they also had a mic for sale and a language learning program that goes with it, i just wanted to know if the camera would work with a U.S. psp cause im going this spring.

  2. i still gettin it

  3. alrigh can’t wait for gps camera sucks tough

  4. is the camera gonna work with the original psp cuz ppl can make phone calls on there psp slims nd i cant which sucks whats is sony gonna do for there loyal customers who went out nd got the original psp wen no one else wanted them we should get the camera nd gps for free thats how i feel i refuse to buy another psp just to make phone calls when they should of made that program for the 1st psp

    camera for 42 not bad gps is sweet ill get it if i can use it wit my psp


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