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namco_pac_manNamco Bandai may produce 3D games in the near future, indicated by a press release today by the company and 3D technology firm, RealD.

According to the release, Namco Bandai has licensed RealD’s Stereoscopic Gaming API. The API would allow Namco Bandai not only to render visuals in RealD’s stereoscopic 3D format, but also to implement automatic camera movements for optimal 3D viewing, and head tracking with a camera peripheral.

“Players can literally step inside a game and interact with a fully dimensionalized environment,” said Joshua Greer, President of RealD. “This new generation of RealD 3D powered video games will for the first time truly replicate on screen the way we see and interact with our world.”

“RealD has the world’s best 3D technology, as evident by their leading the current 3D movie revolution,” said Shin Unozawa, President and CEO of Namco Bandai Games Inc. “We look forward to our developers leveraging RealD’s decades of 3D expertise and this breakthrough technology to deliver an unsurpassed and true-to-life 3D gaming experience.”

Will 3D gaming be any good (recent 3D movies have ranged from pretty good to disappointing) or will it fizzle big time? Pac Man doesn’t seem to be the best place to start a gaming revolution.


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