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Neo Flash has released the Neo Mini PSP Converter 4GB for the PSP.


The Neo 2 in 1 Mini-converter for PSP is a perfect add-on to your PSP for user that require memory space Use multiple cheap memory source like CF card, Microdrive or Micro HD via this converter on your PSP!

Product specifications:
* Acts as a CF card, Microdrive and Micro HD converter all-in-one. You can use any type of card/drive just like you will use a standard Memory Stick!
* CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/Memory Stick auto detect and auto run: Plug and play! – Support up to 4GB memory size on PSP. * Built-in PSP Ready/Busy/NULL, 3 states status indication. – The 2in1 Mini-converter can exchange data between PC and PSP through any standard PSP USB cable. It supports direct CF/MicroDrive/MicroHD/MS formatting on PSP.

Operating instructions:
[1] plug the soft cable into your PSP;
[2] Plug one SD or Mini-SD or MMC or RS-MMC or CF or MicroDrive or Micro HD or Memory Stick to the corresponding slot; [3] Turn on PSP and play!

It runs about $169.00 and can be purchased here.

Maybe it is just me, but this thing does not like at all appealing and completely ruins the purpose of the PSP. While the Datel HD is admittedly large, it is still portable, but this? Perhaps it could be useful, but I personally have no desire for it.


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  1. They could as least coat it in black plasic lol

  2. if u r on the train +not movin about it ok

  3. all i can say is…


  4. It’s not stupid its just… ow my arm!!

  5. buy a 4gb memory stick pro duo at digispace2008.easystorecreator.com for $40.

  6. is digispace2008 a real operation? Website looks kinda of bare of company info and contact people.

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