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Castlevania Judgement, the recently announced Dracula infused Beat-em-up has had some new screenshots and information released by Konami today, giving hope to what could be a shockingly bad idea.

The game looks decent for a Wii game, even if it doesn’t push the system to its full potential, and it seems to capture the essence of the series well.

From the screens, we can see that the fighting will be one on one, although the one found above hints at some skeleton shaped obstacles that may require a slice in half from your almighty blade. Monsters can appear in battle, that are said to be up for using as a tool to damage your opponent, an inventive use of staple Castlevania enemies.

The characters are in full 3D, with stages that follow suit, meaning it will be more Soul Calibur than Street Fighter, the first seemingly being the main inspiration for Judgement. It looks like Soul Calibur, just with more magic, and a bit of a step down in the visual department. This can only be good though, and Judgement could well be the Wii’s answer to the upcoming title from Namco Bandai.

Konami also released information that mentioned connectivity between the latest DS Castlevania, Order of Eccelsia, saying that extras would be unlocked by connecting the two; and use of the WiFi connection. This is good news, as developers are finally seeing the Wii’s online service as capable when it comes to the sort of multiplayer usually found on the other consoles.

Castlevania Judgement is set for release in early 2009, with only a European date given at this time. The game will most likely hit North American stores around the same time, so get your whip ready for some Belmont v Dracula action. 



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  1. Meh. Looks lame.

  2. I’m down with trying it. I like Konami a lot, and despite my loathing towards Castlevania (save Symphony <3) I'm interested to see this.

    Richter slide kick go!!!!

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