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I was just sent some updated information on the Datel 4GB hard drive that we talked about in last week’s podcast. It looks like it will be a 2 piece set, one being the HD itself and one being the X2 battery. There have been some rumours flying around on how this interesting device would connect to the PSP, so hopefully this will dispel those rumours. I’ve included some images below for your viewing pleasure.

This device is still scheduled to be released late this month and will run you about Β£150 ($265 USD). Not cheap by any means, but way cheaper then buying 4x1GB memory sticks.

Connection / fitting to PSP
The 4Gb Hard Drive fixes tightly and firmly into 2 holes at rear / back of PSP on Right by memory slot compartment. A very small cable connects from side of hard drive into memory slot.

Once attached, the 4GB Hard Drive forms an ergonomic addition to your PSP, sitting comfortably in your hands especially when used in conjunction with the X-2 Battery. As such you should consider the Hard Drive to be a permanent attachment on your PSP, thus maximising the working life of the unit and ensuring that you always have your content with you.

This device, and the new info about it that I secured, has me quite intrigued. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one to test it out.

Box Contents:

  • 1 x 4GB HD
  • 1 x High Speed USB lead (MINI USB to USB)
  • 1 x Max Media Manager PC software disc
  • 1 x X-2 Battery
  • 1 x X-2 Battery Cover
  • 1 x User Manual

Thanks to Jay for the info!

Max HD
Max HD
Max HD
Max HD


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Lloyd is the father of 2 young kids and is the owner/operator of Nukoda.com. When not writing about games, Lloyd hosts and produces the popular Nintendo Pulse, Inside Dimensions and DeREZD podcasts over on REZD.tv!


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  1. ugly as sin. no… worse. why do they think they have to imprint their product name in huge letters on the back?! if it’s a good product, the people who buy it will do the marketing for them. they don’t need to advertise on the back of your PSP. lame.

  2. Ugly yes, Usless no , Will fit in ne case Ya right….
    Big letter Gay Yes, use Full No..
    no wonder they have a 4 gig its as big as ne Thum Drive so its cheaper for them to make..
    this looks like a rip..

  3. dis is one of the best accessories for da psp an its certainly one dat im gonna get !!! if u dont like it u shudnt hav a psp cos da psp is massive so wat u complainin bout u retards!!!

  4. I’m just wondering why they only made it 4G. The chip inside a memory stick is far less in capacity than that of this device :-S . Just seems like for the bulk of the item, they could put more into it. I WOULD still like to see what it looks like up close though πŸ˜€ A definate step in the right direction (something they should have done in the beginning when they first made the PSP 😐 )

  5. judging by the way you talk lewis, you appear to be the only retard here.
    It looks woeful but ill still pick it up sooner rather than later.

  6. id rather puke my guts out than get that thing, you can do a 4X battery smaller that that with 4 AA batteries. And why do you need a max media manager, will it be like those program on the ps2, you had to boot it to use your 64 meg memory card?

  7. the hardware is just dang to HUGE.

  8. the hardware is just dang to HUGE!!

  9. hmm… the hd looks large enough ibet ppl will try to put larger drives in it, possably an ipod hd?!

  10. The 4GB is the limitation of the file format of the PSP itself. It uses FAT16, which has a limitation of 4GB. Yes, there are micro drives larger than 30GB, but anything over 4GBs would not be recognized by the PSP.

    I have nothing better to do with my money, so I bought a PSP shortly after it came out. I knew that storage was going to be an issue with the device, because Sony likes to nickle and dime its customers with add-ons after the initial purchase. I can only imagine what kind of revenue Sony has raked in on memory cards for the PS1 and PS2 since their release.

    I hear rumors that they are going to release a new version of the PSP later next year that will contain a native 50GB hard drive; however, I don’t believe it. If this were available, it would proliferate the underground market of stealing games. I’m sure you all know of several sights on the Net where you can dowload ISO images of UMD games and movies already.

    With Apple announcing the video iPOD for release, Sony is going to be in trouble. No, you cannot game on the iPOD video, but so much of Sony’s marketing is going toward the ability of the PSP to play movies that they will be hurt by the release of the product.

    I own an iPOD as well, and I’m going to upgrade to the video version when it is more prevalent. I just hate getting on an airplane and having to carry both an iPOD and a PSP. It’s ridiculous. I’m on a quest to eliminate media (CDs, DVDs, and UMDs) from my library. With the advent of 400GB+ hard drives for the home and things like the Alpine head unit in my car, which reads directly from (and charges) my iPOD, there’s no reason to go around carrying a bunch of discs with you.

    Basically, I want a portable device with a nice color LCD screen and a decently-sized hard drive – around 50 or 60GB. If any of you have an iPOD and use iTunes, you know how great it is. I haven’t bought a CD in years. With their video iPOD, you’ll be able to download Television and movie files via iTunes as well. Why not games?

    The killer app would be something like iTunes for your PSP that would allow you to download music, television shows, movies, and GAMES directly to the unit’s hard drive (if it had one). If Apple can manage to encode songs and videos downloaded from iTunes with FAIRPLAY to limit piracy, then why can’t Sony?

    The answer is that there’s no money in it for them. If they don’t include an internal hard drive, they can continue to sell ridiculously expensive memory sticks. If they were to allow you to download movies, then they wouldn’t have a market for their ridiculous UMDs either. Is anyone old enough to remember the BETA video tape? That’s another classic Sony fu*k-up. Sad.

    My hope is that Microsoft will join the mobile-gaming market and do it right. Although I don’t own an XBox, they got that thing right.

  11. take a look at this site it may change some peeps minds…

    This thing is a chincey piece of crap.
    it didn’t fit snug in the back of my psp, i had to wrap tape around one of the pegs on the hard drive case to shim it to keep it in tight.
    the software it came with wouldn’t recognize the hard drive but saw my flash card just fine. formatting the hard drive didn’t fix it
    the way the hard drive is designed to plug in makes it no longer possible to close your flash card cover.
    and over all it made it just to bulky, sorta kille the “wow look what something so small can do” effect
    i finally got fed up with it and took it back.
    and who would think to squares on the back is ergonomic?
    over all – not worth the price tag.

  13. You forgot to mention its slowness Joe. Don’t buy this. It really is a piece of crap. Mine went on ebay last night (its selling really well! wooot!) and with the proceeds, I’m buying a 1gb card and a psp rechargable grip. I’ll still have loads left over. WOOOOT. Hrm… maybe a screen guard. Not much to buy for psp I guess. I’ll treat my ds with a new black shell, a new case and some screen guards too.

  14. ohhh..it IS garbage..i had to buy it to find out..why?!? i’t stoped workin’ after 2 weeks…

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