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This isn’t such surprising news, when you consider the fact that WipEout Pure was one of the launch titles for the PSP and tons of people are still playing it! The secret to the games’ success? I have three words for you: Free Downloadable Content.

There were several content packs released after WipEout Pure‘s launch date, with the combined content more than doubling the size of the game. Over 800,000 downloads were recorded… those are pretty impressive numbers, boosting the game to Platinum status – it was the very first PSP game to do so. Given the resounding success of the first game, the developers have, of course, decided to include downloadable content in the next title in the series.

Downloadable content helped keep [WipEout Pure] on the shelf and encouraged people to not trade the game in,” explained development director Clemens Wangerin, adding, “Being able to cater to a much finer resolution of gamers’ tastes and maybe create more byte-sized or customizable gaming is a massive advantage.

No release date has been confirmed as of yet for the next WipEout game, but let’s hope that they keep the price tag the same for the download packs!


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  1. I didn’t ever play Pure, but I wanted to. This will suplement nicely.

  2. I still have my copy it was/is great, especially the mode that just keeps on increasing the speed until you crash.

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