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Twitch Guru posted an excellent article about PSP Updating and Homebrew.

Sony’s Playstation Portable promised to revolutionize the way people think about handheld gaming devices – – and it has. Along with unprecedented gaming power, personal music player capabilities and UMD movies have come frequent firmware updates and some complaints of failed updates resulting in unusable PSPs. The original firmware in first generation Japanese hardware was v1.0, which was perfectly operational – – it merely lacked an Internet browser, as well as some small extras available in newer versions. Updates have been consistently released to add what amount to optional extras to the portable system.

Sony has released updates within months of each other, and firmware version requirements are being set for many of the latest PSP games. The reasons for this are pretty obvious, with piracy rampant on every major console, making this a serious concern for commercial game producers. The PSP is the first handheld console with the ability to dynamically handle the problem, by updating its firmware to patch security flaws. But what of homebrew, the legal programs made by non-commercial developers, which enhance the functionality of the PSP by exploiting the same flaws?

The article talks about Emulation, Homebrew, Piracy and a number of other subjects. I found it to be a very good read.


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  1. it’s a very good read, however i disagree with some of it. they make it sound like it is such a hassle to upgrade, when in reality, it simply is not. if you have WiFi, then it’s a joke… does not get much easier. even if you don’t, most users will have a computer and know how to load the update onto the PSP. what’s more, updates are on the game umds too.

    i haven’t had any issues with any firmware updates, and look forward to what they may introduce that’s new as well. as more sites are being created and tailored for the PSPs, it is a lot more fun to browse the net and setup RSS feeds. hopefully sony will continue to introduce features withing the firmware updates. i think that if they could sign some agreements with 3rd party developpers to allow for flash and quicktime. it would be great if the PSP allows you to watch quicktime trailers (the format of choice on the internet).

    sadly, i have not seen a single homebrew application that made me feel i HAD to downgrade back to 1.5, even just to mess around with it for a while. as for all the pirated games, i just don’t see the point of playing very old games on a unit of the PSP’s caliber. it’d be akin to watch VHS on a state of the art home entertainment system…. listening to eight-tracks on a kickass stereo.

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