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When we think about our patriotic countrymen (and women) fighting over-seas we can sometimes forget that they’re people just like us, and that they enjoy video-games too. However, being in such hostile conditions it can be difficult to get the latest games, or any games at all for that matter. Retired Captain Steven “Shanghai Six” Machuga knows this all too well, after racking up more than two calendar years worth of time served overseas Machuga understands how vital care packages are to the morale of soldiers.

After leaving the army, Machuga started the charity Operation Supply Drop, a fund dedicated to delivering video game themed and oriented care packages to soldiers overseas. Gears of War developer EPIC Games has recently gotten involved, donating signed copies of Gears of War 3, along with some merchandise, books and even a model lancer! They call this supply drop Crimson Omen, after the Gears of War logo.

Operation Supply Drop continues to raise money and collect donations to send to military personnel overseas.

To help fund this amazing charity, you can visit the link below:



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