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A ‘Full House’ occurs for Namco’s “Payout Poker and CasinoTM” with new screens.

Namco Hometek Inc. today released 18 new screenshots from their upcoming fully 3D casino game, “Payout Poker and Casino,” for the Playstation®2, XboxTM, PSPTM, and PC. These screens feature some of the great games and environments players will have the chance to explore while trying to become the ultimate High Roller. Also included are Create-a-Character screens.

With Create-a-Character, players can create their own unique High Roller at the start of their gambling career. Physical features like hair, face and body types, personality types, as well as a wide variety of clothing and accessories are available to create the ultimate High Roller. High Rollers can spend their winnings in Casino shopping sprees where they can purchase new swag.

“Payout Poker and Casino” makes use of fully 3-D environments where players master 12 popular casino games including Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Craps, Slots, Roulette, and many more. “Payout Poker and Casino” also features 4 world class casinos, online multiplayer, and challenging A.I. Create your ultimate High Roller this Fall in “Payout Poker and Casino.”

For additional information on “Payout Poker and Casino,” visit www.namco.com

Note: the provided images are for the XBox version of the game but they give you a sort of feel for what this game could look like.

Payout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and CasinoPayout Poker and Casino

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  1. its more fun to play san andreas and go into a casino and you get alot more out of it cos if u dont like it then go out and shoot a cop or something

  2. just so you know, the link to namco doesn’t work. i am really looking forward to when on of the wholly dedicated poker games is coming. me and my friends play hold em several times a week. it will be fun to easily play more while we’re out doing other stuff. sometimes it’s just hard to bust a deck of cards and chips at any random place! 😉

  3. Oopsie! Link fixed 🙂

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